The ‘Jackie O’ Jacket


I finally made a jacket and can you tell how pleased I am with it? After much deliberation, (and thank you for all your suggestions), I finally plumped for the Simple Sew Jackie O’ pattern. This wasn’t originally in my list, but I knew I had it somewhere (probably a sure sign that I need yet another clear up in my sewing space), and eventually unearthed it.

I came down to two options thanks to your suggestions, so decided to use my cheaper fabric (above left, a kind of self-check with a hint of sparkle, though hard to see in picture) for the easier pattern as a ‘warm up’ and intend to use my nice, pure wool for the slightly more advanced pattern on the right as a second attempt. And yes, I know they’re both navy blue, but just look at my lovely lining to jazz them up… πŸ˜‰

The jacket construction was actually a lot easier than I’d imagined which was a relief: really not a lot differentΒ to making sweatshirt or t-shirt tops (although maybe helped by the fact I’ve made so many of late). And sooo much easier than making trousers, which is where I’d placed it in terms of difficulty in my mind. But it turns out, wrongly! The pattern (free with Love Sewing magazine some time ago) was aimed at ‘adventurous beginners’ which seems a fair grading. The instructions were fairly minimal, but clear and with helpful line illustrations for further guidance.

I chose to overlock all raw edges before switching to my regular machine because the fabric looked prone to fraying. There were no instructions for the lining, so I just went with instinct, which surprisingly worked well. The facings given for the unlined version made the insertion of the lining a lot neater and because of the simple shape it wasΒ pretty straight forward. It did involve a lot of hand sewing, which I’ve got better at, but I’m not fully sure how strong or durable it will be. I’m not usually all that careful with pulling on or off jackets and other layers at school, because of the frequency with which I need to do it due to vastly fluctuating temperatures around the buildings, but I think I’m going to have to be a little more careful with this. Luckily it’s come up a bit big so this should help, maybe a touch too big? Although I do only have one light-weight layer on here…


If I’m being fussy, there are a couple of creases where the lining isn’t quite lying perfectly, resulting in just a little pull at the bottom of the sleeves. But this is minimal and I doubt anyone would notice. And as a first attempt where I had to just make the lining bit up it’s fine. Overall, I’m so pleased with this and I’m looking forward to making the next one already. I would really recommend this pattern for building confidence in sewing jackets for the first time. The minimal design (there were pockets which I chose to omit here) is neat and practical: I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this.

Pattern: Simple Sew Jackie O Jacket

Size: 12 (possibly a little too big, 10 next time?)

Adjustments: added lining and omitted pockets

Soundtrack: mostly in silence, sometimes it really is golden πŸ™‚


45 thoughts on “The ‘Jackie O’ Jacket

  1. I like this very much indeed! You’re gonna wear this a lot, won’t you?! And I agree, making jackets isn’t all that hard and I find putting in the lining has something very satisfying because one starts with the messy innards and ends up with a beautiful garment.

  2. Oh well done! Your jacket looks great, as does the lining. Really glad you made this and the process turned out not as bad as you thought! I thought that jackets were right up there for difficulty too until I made the Victoria Blazer and was also pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it was. Mind you, unlike you, I’ve never tried trousers. Need to get that one ticked off!

    • Thanks Corrine, it was a really pleasant surprise that it was so logical πŸ™‚ The actual trousers aren’t too bad to make, it’s getting the fit right that’s a real pain. I’ve vowed to book myself on a course to avoid wasting more nice fabric…

  3. Grand jacket & love your lining! Good for you for just getting on with the sewing! You really deserve several pats on the back, well done’s, and a celebration every time you put it on! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

  4. Oh it’s lovely Teresa, so chic and perfect in navy! I agree, collarless jackets are surprisingly straight forward to sew (I think adding collars to the mix is when the fun begins!) Looking forward to seeing the other pattern made up too. x

  5. That looks lovely and well done putting in the lining without instructions, I’m just making a blazer, without a collar but with a contrast lapel, I wish I’d thought to add a lining but it’s just a wearable toille really, to check for fit, so maybe for the next version. Do you have any tips, did you just cut a replica of the jacket out in lining fabric or is it more complicated than that?

    • Thank you. Yes, I just cut it out exactly the same, folded over the hems on the lining and then hid it all under the facings. It’s not perfect, but near enough and def. worth considering on your next attempt. Although I think it depends on the fabric you use: I have some lovely, unlined RTW jackets that work just fine without one.

  6. I love your jacket. Great job lining it too. I love making jackets I just wish mine turned out as well as yours! Practice, practice practice I suppose!

  7. It looks brilliant and looks like the kind of jacket you can throw on on top of practically anything and it’ll look good! Well done to you! Do you know BHL has 50% off their Victoria blazer (or they did have a few days ago!) πŸ˜›

  8. Looks fab. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of wear out of it. Also, without wanting to sound stalker-ish, always lovely to see your smiling face in my reader – really cheered me up.

  9. Well done on making such a wearable jacket. I love navy, too. I agree with you about fitting trousers being the issue rather than the sewing! I’ve made up a lining for an unlined jacket and bagged it; there are a couple of changes required rather than being a straight copy of the jacket pattern but nothing too difficult. I haven’t checked Linda’s post but no doubt that covers. Enjoy wearing! You look so happy in it. And good luck with the next one

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