A Much Belated #memademay Week 3


I know, I know it’s June already but to be honest May was a bit of a month for me. Life sometimes has a habit of throwing you a curveball and when it does, you just have to get through one very long day at a time. But despite it being a very long month on lots of different levels I did somehow manage to complete my #memademay pledge. So please feel free to pass this by if you’re totally over it by now but just to prove to myself that I managed it despite a lot of hurdles, I still managed it, looking tired and drawn but somehow still trying to smile…

Sunday was a relaxed day at home. I still love this (New Look Vintage I think) top and it works even better with high-waisted jeans. On Monday I dug out my ancient Colette Sencha top. Much though this is a very high neckline for me, the crisp White and fitted style rescues it 😀

Tuesday and another work day required an old favourite: my navy, linen Colette Ginger. A Wednesday evening dinner required my new favourite: my lace, Seamworks Wembley cardigan.

My day off on Thursday called for my second version of the Seamworks Wembley cardigan which I will get round to posting about once I catch my breath. The last day of the working week called for not one, but two me makes (maybe a future goal? ): A Tilly and the Buttons Delphine skirt and Papercut Coppelia Cardigan (must make another of these, I’ve worn it loads but does need something high-waisted underneath).


And finally, amazed that I got through a very long week, my most featured item of #memademay16 my lace Wembley cardigan: easily my favourite and most wearable make to date 🙂 And the change of scenery is my parents’ backyard in North Wales.

One more to go, I promise I’ll get it posted before July. Thanks for keeping with me X.