A Belated #memademay Week 2 Round-Up

Slowly catching up on these posts…

Above is my second version of the Seamworks Wembley Cardigan, as yet unblogged. It’s in a lovely, dragonfly print (of course in navy blue) from Guthrie and Ghani. Slightly warmer weather forced me to finally get my legs out. I’m still loving my Tilly and the Buttons 70s Clemence skirt.

And once they’re out, they tend to stay out! On the left is my eternally-smile-inducing Snooker table skirt, Colette’s Ginger. On the right is my always useful Tilly and the Buttons Delphine skirt. It does require constant ironing on the downside though… Rubbish, dark photo sorry.

My day off on Thursday required something more casual: another ancient Sorbetto and my Seamworks Oslo. The finish is better on this Sorbetto, but it’s too short and too tight across the bust. It’s gone! Zumba at the gym called for another cosy Seamworks Astoria on Friday afternoon. Love these!


And finally Saturday required my Seamworks Akita in this lovely, pear print. Another great Seamworks pattern, they certainly cater to my tastes πŸ™‚


I certainly get my money’s worth out of my Seamworks subscription!

I continue to weed out some earlier makes. I’ve come a long way in terms of finish and I really can’t wear some of these any more. See below…

I get so much wear out of my MeMade skirts. I’ve avoided making any recently, but feel totally justified to now make more, should I feel the inclination πŸ™‚

I still need more memade tops! They’re far less weather-dependent than bottoms…

Also to hit the charity bag this week was my BHL Elisalex. Sad to see this go and my alterations did help, but the finish is just rubbish inside which totally puts me off wearing it. And on the left I got rid of another leftovers top (Simple Sew’s Cross-Over Back Top I think). I think you just have to except that leftovers can go either way…


21 thoughts on “A Belated #memademay Week 2 Round-Up

  1. I love how brutal you’re being with your MeMades, there is definitely more emotional attachment to hand made clothes & I find it really difficult to let them go but I think you’ve inspired me to have a clear out. Sewing is such a learning curve, technique, fabric matching, finish and making what suits us & fits with our lifestyle but it’s great when it all goes together as demonstrated by your lovely smile.

    • Thank you and believe me, I haven’t been at all brutal in the past πŸ˜‰ I’ve been bad enough at getting rid of RTW clothes in the past, let alone homemade ones but I’ve had to force myself to get a lot tougher. I had to include it in my pledge to force myself to do it! Good luck with yours!

    • Thank you, it was one of my very early makes. Much to the amusement of the fabric store assistants, I accidentally bought snooker table baize! It is waterproof though, and certainly holds its shape well…

  2. Love, love, love the dragonfly cardigan! And most of the others, too….you are doing a great job of weeding out, which not easy to do. And can I just say, you have the cutest shoes!

  3. It is hard getting rid of memades simply because of the time and effort gone into creating them. On the plus side, there will be room in your wardrobe for more whose finish you WILL be happy with now you’re so much improved as a dressmaker:)

    • Absolutely. I’ve not read Marie Kondo, but have been trying to (random though it may sound and clearly not out loud) thank them for their time (and my efforts in making) but then letting go. Bizarrely, it does seem to work…

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