Holiday #SundaySevens, Week 2



After a very relaxed, first week of the Easter holidays, we headed off for a week away at the historic and very picturesque town of Ludlow in Shropshire with my parents 😀

And where better to stay than in the castle itself? This was the view that greeted us on Monday. Fab! The kids had a great time running around exploring. On Tuesday we explored more of the town itself.  Above right is one of the many, many beautiful, old, Tudor buildings: The Feathers Inn. If you love history and haven’t visited before, I thoroughly recommend it as a destination.


On Wednesday we followed a couple of popular, walking trails around the town taking in yet more beautiful views. By Thursday we were ready to explore a little further afield and so headed to Blist’s Hill, a Victorian, model village (one of the many Ironbridge, tourist destinations). Above right was one of the lovely displays in the draper’s shop.

Friday took us shopping… amongst the fantastic array of independent shops (many of them food-related, Ludlow is a foodie’s heaven) was The Bindery Shop. I treated myself to a beautiful, new address book. Sadly it was time to head home at the end of the week, but we made the most of the journey home pausing at Ironbridge itself (above right).


And today, Sunday, I’m making the most of the last day of the holidays back home. This is the next project on my sewing table 🙂 Dreaming of warmer weather…

Hope everyone’s had a lovely break too (and possibly still going if you’re lucky, school holidays seem to be all over the place at the moment). I’m looking forward to catching up on the, no doubt many, posts I’ve missed while I’ve been away…

For more details on how to join in with #sundaysevens head over to Nat’s site Threads and Bobbins.


24 thoughts on “Holiday #SundaySevens, Week 2

  1. Ludlow looks really lovely. I have been to Ironbridge and the Victorian village and endorse your recommendation. Thanks for sharing these super places. Hope you got in some sewing time today.

  2. Oh wow, you actually stayed in the castle? I’d LOVE to do that! Blist’s Hill sounds right up my street, too. Looks like Ludlow is worth a trip up North:)

  3. Great pics! I did my main teaching practice at Ludlow secondary school but haven’t revisited the place since! Looking forward to seeing your cropped cardigan!

  4. What a lovely vacation you’ve had, what with castles and ghosties and all! The draper’s shop is most intriguing – are those vintage sewing goodies? You’ll surely be rested enough to get started on that cute little cardigan. 😉

    • A beautiful place and pretty reasonable too (when shared amongst other family members. My husband had to stay and work, so the kids and I shared a room: felt like the three little bears’ beds! 🙂

  5. Looks like you’ve had a great week, especially with staying in the castle!! My mind would have been running wild though staying there with how old it is…I’m not that great at staying at old places, watched too many horror films! Haha!

  6. Lovely photos, Teresa, and what a gorgeous place to stay! Have a question when you’ve time – what is a draper’s shop? Couldn’t quite make it out from the photo, and reading memory isn’t helpful this time. Hope you have an easy week back at work.

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely break 😊 I’ve not been to Ludlow but it looks and sounds like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Plus staying in the castle sounds AMAZING! The dress pattern looks lovely, will look forward to seeing it.

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