A Much Belated #memademay Week 3


I know, I know it’s June already but to be honest May was a bit of a month for me. Life sometimes has a habit of throwing you a curveball and when it does, you just have to get through one very long day at a time. But despite it being a very long month on lots of different levels I did somehow manage to complete my #memademay pledge. So please feel free to pass this by if you’re totally over it by now but just to prove to myself that I managed it despite a lot of hurdles, I still managed it, looking tired and drawn but somehow still trying to smile…

Sunday was a relaxed day at home. I still love this (New Look Vintage I think) top and it works even better with high-waisted jeans. On Monday I dug out my ancient Colette Sencha top. Much though this is a very high neckline for me, the crisp White and fitted style rescues it πŸ˜€

Tuesday and another work day required an old favourite: my navy, linen Colette Ginger. A Wednesday evening dinner required my new favourite: my lace, Seamworks Wembley cardigan.

My day off on Thursday called for my second version of the Seamworks Wembley cardigan which I will get round to posting about once I catch my breath. The last day of the working week called for not one, but two me makes (maybe a future goal? ): A Tilly and the Buttons Delphine skirt and Papercut Coppelia Cardigan (must make another of these, I’ve worn it loads but does need something high-waisted underneath).


And finally, amazed that I got through a very long week, my most featured item of #memademay16 my lace Wembley cardigan: easily my favourite and most wearable make to date πŸ™‚ And the change of scenery is my parents’ backyard in North Wales.

One more to go, I promise I’ll get it posted before July. Thanks for keeping with me X.


24 thoughts on “A Much Belated #memademay Week 3

  1. Made my first Ginger skirt this year and love it. Currently making Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress for summer. Really like the lace cardigan you made and hope those curved balls are more manageable now. Take care xx

    • Thanks Nikki, love getting my Gingers out every Summer. I really should attempt a Winter version. Good luck with yours, although you can’t go wrong with either of those patterns πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ We’ve actually been blessed with some beautiful weather here in the North West. Well, warm for us and that can involve a cardigan over here, though light-weight you understand…

  2. Sorry to hear times are tough, that’s life. But chin up,.don’t let the so and sos get you down. You look fabulous in all your outfits and most glamorous on your night out. The sun is finally shining in the North East! Hoping you have a better June. Xx

  3. Sorry to hear life is treating you badly. I think blogging can be a good focus as such times to help bring a bit of normality in, if you can manage it. Well done and keep smiling when you can xx

  4. So sorry life is tough at the moment – thank goodness for MMM giving us something else to focus on and forcing us to smile for the camera! You look lovely as always. Hope things settle down soon. x

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