#MeMadeMay, The Home Straight!


Anyone else about to breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over? While I enjoyed the idea and the start of MMMay this year, boy did the weather make it far more difficult than it should have been… So, the final straight? Here we go…

Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK. I dug out my original BHL Polly, which I haven’t worn in a long time, for lunch out with the family. It’s just been far too cold, hence the vest underneath and cardigan over. But I really do like this one, unlike the later one I made.

Tuesday and back to the marking piles. This Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress is proving even more comfy than jeans for sitting around in. Again, layered up as it’s still cold…


Time for the knits to come out! These never feel quite as flattering on, making me look a good stone heavier, but I do like both of these. I wore my pale blue cardigan on Wednesday (Sirdar ) which looks a lot better with a pencil skirt, but ok-ish with my white jeans and it’s half-term, so there’s no chance I’m wearing a pencil skirt this week! On Thursday (marking again at home) I wore my Rowan, minty green cardigan. This really is ancient, but I chose the colour well, so it still goes with lots of items in my wardrobe 🙂


And I’m ending the month on the beautiful island of Anglesey. I love it here 🙂 For the journey up and our first day here (Beaumaris beach) I wore my new, unblogged Maria of Denmark Kirsten, kimono tee,  which I already love. So wish I’d had chance to run up a few more of these this month, a long-sleeved version would have been even better (and I’ve already downloaded the free Deer and Doe pattern, yes)… Worn on Friday with a matching infinity scarf to keep out the chills.

Saturday evening we headed for The Ship Inn at Red Wharf Bay, a beautiful, old public house situated right on the beach. I had packed the Sencha blouse featured in my banner fabric to bow out on, but it was seriously very, very cold. So a me-fixed jumper (with thermal vest underneath (it’s May after all!?!) and scarf served me well instead. In case you’re ever in the area, I can highly recommend the Menai Mussels and chocolate and beetroot cake 🙂

Sunday, I was rudely awakened by my alarm at 6.30am to head back to Manchester for a marking meeting. I wore exactly the same, but with far less scenic background, hence no photos…

So, while I officially made it, it was pretty hard work! The work side of it was fine, but I seriously need some transitional pieces to see me through such a cold May! And casual night-out ‘appropriate’ tops were another big problem. So, some clear future projects have emerged, which is probably the point really…

So a full week of RTW ahead everyone? Oh, go on them I could probably squeeze in a few MeMades too… 🙂

Many thanks Zoe, as always, for hosting



Unseasonal Sewing


Although, to be fair I’m cold and it’s tipping it down as I write this, so maybe not so inappropriate after all. After my last couple of frustratingly disappointing makes and with limited time available this week, I needed a quick fix. I bought these fabrics from the off-cuts section at Abakhan’s in Manchester last time I visited. I was going to save them for Christmas presents but two friends had (fairly, ahem…) recent birthdays, and as one of them works in a draughty, National Trust property and the other is a reporter, who’s always out and about interviewing people, I figured they may just be appreciated now (seriously can’t believe it’s June next week…).

Making these up also emptied another drawer ready to fill with new goodies. As these were off-cuts, rather than measuring them, I simply used exactly what I had so the sizes are pretty variable, but I really don’t think this matters: you can wrap them up tightly, or wear loosely dangling. Pleasingly, making them up like this resulted in zero waste too. One of them has a slight tear or cut in the fabric, easy to stitch up, but making it maybe not quite so suitable for a gift. Looks like I get to keep one 🙂

Right, palate suitably cleansed, Kirsten Kimono Tees (free pattern from Maria Denmark) next up to clear  another over-stuffed drawer…


#MMMay Week 4

I’m getting bored of seeing myself on such a regular basis, so please feel free to skip this post if you’re suffering from MMMay fatigue 😉 Seriously, I won’t be offended in the slightest, see you next post…


Sunday was a lazy day at home (and yet more marking, I work for an exam board every Summer, so knee-deep in it at the moment). This was the only Colette Mabel I didn’t put away for ‘Summer’, oddly my least well made one, but the most worn. Think it must be the colours…

Monday caused me to reach into the depths of my wardrobe for this Colette Sorbetto top. This is surprisingly well-made for one of my really early makes. Seeing a fair few Sorbettos popping up in MMMay round-ups made me consider making another one of these, but after wearing a couple this week, it’s just not quite fitted enough for my shape to make it work for me, which is a shame, but good to know.


Tuesday was was another drizzly day here in the Northwest. My umbrella’s seriously worn out from all the recent use (yes ‘Summer‘ that was addressed directly at you). I wore my smokey-grey combo, love this, but if I make another of these skirts, I’ll definitely line it. This shows up everything you tuck in.

Wednesday was my usual day off, ironically spent marking. Ho hum! I wore my other Sorbetto top, again this is ok, and pretty well-made, but not a pattern to return to again.


Thursday caused me to reach for my BHL Charlotte in navy boucle. And my second BHL Charlotte came out on Friday in navy tweed with black, lace trim (it came out too short originally).

I gave myself a free pass on Saturday as we had a family wedding and I already had an outfit planned. And today I wore my blue gingham Sorbetto again, as seen above, but so hung over (always the sign of a good wedding), that even the thought of taking a photo proved too much 😉 Sorry, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Well, one more week to go and I think for me, it could be the hardest. Turns out I have plenty of memakes for the working week. But it’s half term and I’m seriously lacking in the Summer casual department. Definitely something to work on for the rest of the Summer. Hope everyone else has a good week,