Poor Polly!

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I didn’t have an awful amount of spare time this week, so I fancied a really simple, quick project. I also wanted to use up some ‘leftover’ fabric, namely these two linens from my Navy Ginger skirt and my Cerise Delphine skirt. However I’m really not convinced by the finished result. I like the design, but it really doesn’t do much for me 😦

In case you didn’t recognise the pattern it’s BHL’s Polly top again. To be honest I haven’t had a whole lot of wear from my original Polly top, so I should have known, but at least the cotton fabric on my original, gingham Polly was more skimming than bulky, as is the end result of using all this linen…

On the plus side I managed to sew the front panel in without any lumps or bumps. I also really love the contrasting colours and the lace detail worked pretty well too. But overall this design isn’t really doing anything for me, mostly because it just doesn’t look right tucked in, which leaves me without a waist. And boy, do I need a waist to pull me in! If I’d have tried this on in a shop I would have put in straight back on the rail. Usually I’d think about adjusting somehow, but if I take in the sides, I probably wouldn’t be able to get it on over my head. Maybe I need to donate it to a taller, slimmer friend who could wear it untucked? What do you do with your makes that don’t quite work out for you?

I’m actually going to be pretty ruthless and get rid of this pattern from my collection. It was a free PDF one which makes the process easier, but I don’t want to accidentally get this out again in six months, forgetting it totally doesn’t suit my figure and waste my time again. Poor Polly, but sometime’s a girl’s gotta…

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15 thoughts on “Poor Polly!

  1. Love the colour combination but sometimes it just doesn’t’t feel right and for me that means a one way ticket to the bin 😔,I’ve kept stuff for way too long in the past and that only means piles of clothes that don’t get worn.

  2. This has happened to me a few times! You make a top and it’s just not the right length. Now I just add a couple of inches when I cut out a pattern so that you can always lop it off if necessary! The Delphine skirt is a big hit though, no adjustments needed! 🙂

    • I agree on the Delphine! Perfect for my shape too. This is just too shapeless for me. I’m much better at picking out suitable skirt shapes than tops- probably why I have so many of them…

    • I figure I’ve still learnt something even if I end up passing it on to a friend. Wren’s toys always seem to need new clothes so that’s always a good way of using up spare fabric 🙂

  3. Looks like you have done a good job on the stitching tho, impressive to get a curve with two fabrics. They are gorgeous colours together, could you wear with jeans? I sorted my comments out thanks. Think they had just not clicked in when I posted.

  4. It’s funny–I just had my husband take pictures of me in a tank that I kind of think is a dud. I may try to get in another photo session to see if the situation improves any, but I feel like it’s bad tucked in or worn out. It was a quick make from some leftover fabric, also. But I still feel sad about it and wish I would have done something else with that fabric. Oh well!

    • What a coincidence! I guess it’s still better to try and use up leftover fabric, but sometimes it works, and sometimes it definitely doesn’t. Better luck for both of us next time…

  5. Its all trial and error – practise it good and like you said at least you have mastered curved seams. I have only made one Polly top so far and I used some heavier weight fabric on one of the sections too – which make a difference to the drape. Maybe the BHL Polly is best suited to lighter fabric so it drapes better? If you are going to bin the PDF pattern at least it was a free one!

  6. I think yours looks quite lovely! I’ve never really made Polly work for me… I find the panel is sort of too ‘HERE IS MY BUST’ for me lol!

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