Simple Sew Lottie Blouse

This was the free pattern that came with the second edition of Love Sewing magazine. I had plenty of material left over from my BHL Polly top, so I thought I’d give this a go…


Having an actual pattern was so much easier that constructing their headache-inducing, overlapping PDF one that came with their previous edition! As usual I was torn between cutting the size 8 and 10, but opted for the 10 as, much to my joy, I discovered upon closer inspection that this pattern didn’t require button holes 😉 * The disadvantage of no buttonholes however is that it’s harder to pull on over my chest, hence I ended up plumping for the 10.

The construction of this was really pretty simple. On a skills front this is probably the neatest bias binding I’ve ever attached. I used some white ready-made which was perfect. I felt really pleased with myself, but then came what was supposed to be the ‘pussy bow’ tie… I’m still not sure whether it was me or the pattern, (probably me, I know!) but I ended up with more of a ‘dickie bow’. I did consult Simple Sew’s Facebook page for additional ‘attaching’ instructions, but still ended up with this…

image image

I’m not sure as to whether I should unpick this and attempt to construct an actual pussy bow tie or just leave it like it is. I don’t have any of the spot material left, but I do have some more gingham. What do you think?

*My mum has spoken to the shop she bought my machine from and they’re more than happy to give me a belated demonstration, but I’ll probably have to wait until the Summer holidays roll around until I manage a trip over. So buttonholes, I have you in my sights!


16 thoughts on “Simple Sew Lottie Blouse

  1. I’m not really quite sure what the difference between a pussy and a dickie bow is, but I think may be a slightly larger bow (which I’m assuming might be a pussy bow?) would be more in keeping with the style of the top. Maybe you have some plain white fabric left somewhere that could make a larger bow?

  2. Looks great….I have the pattern and some blue cotton ready to start…….I really like your contrast tho! Might have to re plan mine now I’ve seen your stunner!

      • Well, you could use my 20% off code and free P&P!! I think the blouse you made would look great in that fabric. I might make my blue one as the practise version! I think we must get the same magazines?? I do love a free pattern!

      • You inspired me to cut out my blouse……it is not good! Massive and the hole bit looks like it will reach my navel! Hahaha . There is no way mine is going to be anything like yours. Hate it when sewing goes wrong!! 😢😢

      • Oh dear! Maybe because of the ‘no buttonholes’? I went for slightly bigger size to get on over bust, but pretty big in waist and hips, hence tucked in. Did you figure out the neck tie?

      • Mine is definitely longer than yours!! Did you cut it on the fold? I hadn’t enough fabric so I did a seam in it, but am not sure how it will sew on the neck now it is sewn in half….Isn’t there a rough edge of fabric?? Also didn’t cut binding for neck edge on the bias so it looks messy….did I miss a little instruction somewhere? Has potential as a pattern but think I would prefer to do it my way!! Yes, could be the no button holes malarkey…..perhaps an invisible zip in the side too would work…esp if no buttonholer!!

      • Slight delay sorry, been a busy week…
        I used ready made bias binding so didn’t have a problem with this. I seem to remember not quite having enough fabric to cut collar on fold so joined two separate sections and I thought I’d allowed extra length for stitching together, but probably where I went wrong… Liking the invisible side zip idea, think that would work a treat 🙂

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