Simple Sew Lottie Blouse

This was the free pattern that came with the second edition of Love Sewing magazine. I had plenty of material left over from my BHL Polly top, so I thought I’d give this a go…


Having an actual pattern was so much easier that constructing their headache-inducing, overlapping PDF one that came with their previous edition! As usual I was torn between cutting the size 8 and 10, but opted for the 10 as, much to my joy, I discovered upon closer inspection that this pattern didn’t require button holes 😉 * The disadvantage of no buttonholes however is that it’s harder to pull on over my chest, hence I ended up plumping for the 10.

The construction of this was really pretty simple. On a skills front this is probably the neatest bias binding I’ve ever attached. I used some white ready-made which was perfect. I felt really pleased with myself, but then came what was supposed to be the ‘pussy bow’ tie… I’m still not sure whether it was me or the pattern, (probably me, I know!) but I ended up with more of a ‘dickie bow’. I did consult Simple Sew’s Facebook page for additional ‘attaching’ instructions, but still ended up with this…

image image

I’m not sure as to whether I should unpick this and attempt to construct an actual pussy bow tie or just leave it like it is. I don’t have any of the spot material left, but I do have some more gingham. What do you think?

*My mum has spoken to the shop she bought my machine from and they’re more than happy to give me a belated demonstration, but I’ll probably have to wait until the Summer holidays roll around until I manage a trip over. So buttonholes, I have you in my sights!