Learning Restraint: Part III

Or in other words: the fun projects…

To work along my sensible, ‘wardrobe gaps’ list, I’ve also compiled a ‘treats’ list for myself. I wanted to instil a more thoughtful process into my projects this year, Β to avoid falling for a whole host of random projects that in my real life I never actually wear! Sound familiar anyone? So after much research, these are the patterns that I narrowed it down to:


Now that I’ve conquered my knits phobia, I can’t get enough of them! I know that I need to make knits the backbone of my everyday wardrobe, so I wasn’t surprised whenΒ I totally fell for Colette’s new ‘Designed for Knits’ range a while back. I’ve been itching to give these a go. First up is the Mabel skirt, which is already fast becoming my favourite, Winter skirt of choice, see here, here and here. Next up is their Moneta dress, much inspired by Sew South London’s lovely version. And lastly dreaming of warmer, Spring days ahead, their Myrtle dress.

It was love at first sight with Papercut’s Coppelia Cardigan, which I first spotted over at sewnbyelizabeth.blogspot.com. I can’t wait to have a go at this pattern. This is the first Papercut pattern I’ve purchased, and it really is a beautiful sight to behold. Their packaging is divine, although I’m consciously ignoring the styling of this top with the silky, hot pants on their cover, so not a look I’ll be rocking any time soon πŸ˜‰

Lastly I’ve chosen Christine Haynes’ Emery Dress, seen just about everywhere. I’m seriously late to this particular party, but I’m looking forward to giving it a go: there’s certainly lots of inspiration around πŸ™‚

And that’s where I had to draw the line for now. Patiently waiting in the wings for my next pattern splurge are both Jennifer Lauren’s Bronte Top and Enid Sweater. I’ve seen some beautiful versions of both of these tops, but I’m forcing myself to focus on just a few patterns at a time, so next time…

I’m not totally banning myself from all unplanned makes however: where would the fun be in that? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s succumbed to subscribing to Colette’s monthly Seamworks online magazine. They’ve promised a range of everyday, easy projects and so far I’ve been impressed with the patterns they’ve featured. I also like the idea of improving my skills through their related features articles, which seem pitched at just the right level. I figure the odd, unplanned make isn’t going to harm, but I am going to seriously consider how much wear I’ll actually get out of them before I purchase any new fabric.

I’m determined to make this year: the year I learn a little restraint…



20 thoughts on “Learning Restraint: Part III

  1. This is a very sensible idea. Are you subscribed to any magazines, though? (Besides Seamwork) Because that will really test your restraint when they keep sending free dress patterns!

  2. Errr,I myself have a wardrobe action plan which becomes sidetracked by new patterns and fabrics all the time. At some point I will have to lock myself into my sewing cave and not be allowed to come out until I have produced some garments with what I have. Also loving Seamwork Magazine. That Olso cardigan made in a soft knit feels like you are wearing a soft bathrobe in public. Lol.

  3. Thats some good patterns you have there! I really like the emery dress as it is so versatile and goes with everything! I do however love the Bronte top and reckon it would go great with a Mabel πŸ˜€ Hope the plan goes well!

  4. Sounds like a good strategy, I really need to learn some restraint. I randomly hop from one project to the next, actually i like to have more than one on the go. That’s the second time Ive heard how lovely papercut patterns are, might just have to try for myself 😊

  5. I love the patterns you have chosen, Moneta makes a lovely dress and there are lots of collar options as well. I bought Emery last year and didn’t really give it a go but I should go back to it – lots of great versions around.
    It is a good idea to try to be more restrained – I feel as if I have been a bit random recently – I am thinking about doing the Wardrobe Architect challenge – I love the idea of a ‘capsule wardrobe’!


    • I like the idea of the wardrobe architect challenge too! I actually get stressed sometimes because I have so many clothes, which is just ridiculous!! So I’m determined to give my projects much more thought this year… I’m looking forward to making both of the dresses you mentioned, which I’m hoping will suit day-to-day life more than some of the dresses I’ve made previously πŸ™‚

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