All About the Girl

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When my daughter set me the challenge of creating her an entire ‘Mummy-Made’ outfit last week I knew precisely which fabric to use from my stash. I originally bought this cerise knit to make myself a Coco top, but it was so bright when I got it home that I knew it would only ever be used as a trim, which I did here. I had loads of it left over, cue my accidental, Mini Coco Top.

I had a flick through my sewing magazines and found a suitable pattern in the ‘Foxy Knit Winter Tunic’ from last month’s Love Sewing magazine. I cut the largest size (8-9) as my daughter’s pretty tall and I wanted it to last πŸ˜‰ I decided to omit the collar as it looked a bit too ‘masculine’ for my daughter’s taste, although I guess it would make it more snugly for younger ones. I followed the instructions up to step 6 where the collar was attached and then kind of free-styled from there on in. It was a very similar process to Tilly’s Coco Top and good job too, as the instruction to simply ‘sew sleeves to tunic’ with no further detail would have totally thrown me…

I top-stitched the neckline to reveal a little of the contrasting facing, which I was really pleased with. I’m not sure what happened to the V in the neckline though and it’s also a little narrow. Next time I’ll definitely make the neckline bigger…

Overall, it’s turned out a little big all over but that’s fine now the colder weather has arrived as it will allow her to layer up more. Now I’ve started making her items I have a feeling it will be hard to stop. I really enjoyed making her this and she now has a full, Mummy-Made outfit for her own clothes day πŸ™‚

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It also also goes perfectly with her simple, cord skirt I made her last week, see here, both made with fabric from my stash, so practically free πŸ™‚







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