The Fox Shirt


I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this 🙂 I actually made my boy a shirt, albeit with a little help from the lovely tutor at The Ministry of Craft in Manchester. On Saturday I attended the second part of my two part course, where we fitted the sleeves and attached the button holes. This was a half day session, rather than the full, first day and relatively simple by comparison in terms of skills. No head in my hands this time!

I’ve fitted a fair few sleeves in the past, but realised that it’s a lot easier in my usual knit fabrics. This went in relatively easily, but I ended up with a couple of unintentional, small pleats on each side, which is fine when you’re female, but less desirable on a boy’s shirt… Frustrating though this was, he wore it last night and no one noticed at all, as per usual. The button holes I’d kind of been dreading, but actually in this lovely, crisp cotton they were a breeze.

This course was money well spent indeed, and I’d thoroughly recommend it if you live in the North West. I’m equal parts amazed and delighted that I managed to make this! It’s by far my most complicated and accomplished sewing project. The finish is brilliant (a direct result of the design and a very patient, experienced tutor, rather than my sewing skills), with the shoulder yoke and collars all neatly hidden away. Even my hand sewing managed to rise to the occasion and didn’t let the side down! And my son is delighted with the result, wearing it proudly out for dinner last night 🙂 Job well done, and my maternal guilt eased for a while 😉