Finding Patterns in Unexpected Places

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who absolutely loved reading about Karen of‘s kookily brilliant ‘pattern trail’, which involved her hiding a range of lovely patterns in various nooks and crannies all over The Isle of Wight, with a series of clues to help her readers to locate them 🙂 So disappointed to have been miles away from the action!

The highlight of my week so far wasn’t quite on a par with this, but it made me smile nonetheless. Every year we take our pupils to visit The Imperial War Museum in Salford, here in Manchester, to further their understanding of the war poetry unit we teach them. It’s a fantastic, and deeply moving visit, which both our girls and the staff enjoy. I’m always fascinated by the contributions made by women in particular and the individual stories behind the artefacts on display. What I wasn’t expecting to find though were these…


… nestled in the museum shop. In fact, there was a whole little section dedicated to the ‘make do and mend’ mantra. Well, clearly as they’re both completely impractical for a British Winter, I couldn’t resist 😉 I probably paid over the standard rate for them, but it’s clearly for a good cause and I’d have probably paid something similar for p & p, and no doubt wouldn’t have stopped at just placing two patterns in my shopping cart (anyone else guilty of justifying their additional purchases to get their money’s worth out of the p & p?)

I might also have made my first couple of purchases for my ‘Sewing Santa’ recipient… Head on over to Stitched Up From the Start for more details, and if you’ve missed it this year, definitely something fun to consider for the next 🙂

Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve purchased patterns from?