Shopping Revelations No 3

I forced myself to go jeans shopping the other day, ugh! It’s my least favourite kind of shopping. I’ve been really good of late and have avoided the shops, but I was fed up of only really owning ‘mum-jeans’ and not of any trendy variety either 😉 Jeans are totally out of my skills range, sewing-wise, so to the shops it was.

After several frustrating changing-room attempts, I finally found a decent pair at Banana Republic, and they also came in their petite range, so no hemming involved either, hurrah! To celebrate I allowed myself a very quick perusal of the sale rail and came across this…

image image

Does anyone else love it when this happens? Clearly this jumper had gotten into a tussle with a passing hanger and come off the worse for it. It had been reduced several times from £55.00 right down to £14.99, and when I got to the till there was a further 20% off all sale items, perfect!

And ta da!


Fifteen minutes of hand-sewing later, it’s fully repaired and ready for wear. I love it when you can put your sewing skills to a range of good uses and rescue an otherwise unloved item. While my hand-sewing’s not quite as invisible as it probably could be, you’d have to be looking pretty closely to ever notice. And it goes perfectly with my new, blue jeans 🙂

Anyone else found a repairable bargain of late?