One More Mabel for the Road


This is my last one of the year, I promise! And in my defence at least it’s a little more Spring-like with its black and white stripes. And I have worn my other ones constantly. And it was a good exercise in pattern matching. And, and, and…..

Yes, I know, you get the picture! But they’re easy and super-comfy to wear if you haven’t already succumbed to a Colette Mabel. Not much to add other than, as with my last version, I left out the back vent. The fabric was ‘cheap as chips’ from Abakhans in Manchester. After sewing with some lovely fabric of late though, this did feel pretty ‘cheap’ in comparison. It came out ridiculously big in the waist because it stretched out so much, so I took it in by a good inch on each side with my overlocker. Simple enough to fix.

Enough already! Time to move on! Next time something a little more exciting, I promise 😉