Waste Not, Want Not II


The left over material from my Winter Ginger, see here, seemed the perfect amount to make my daughter another simple skirt from. I used Lisa Comfort’s ‘A Very Versatile Skirt’ pattern from her book Sew Over It. I’ve used this pattern many times for myself and once for my daughter, when I was forced to convert my very first Ginger into a skirt for her, after a serious zip malfunction, see here.

I could really see how far I’d come skills-wise, running this up. It used to take the best part of a day to run them up, more material for myself granted, but still… This, however took me the sum total of an hour and a half, and a good fifteen minutes or so of that consisted of my daughter selecting her appropriate trimmings from my box of tricks 🙂

image image

This make made me feel bad that I don’t make her more things, but she’s growing so quickly, it sometimes just doesn’t feel worth the effort. I figure I get a lot more wear out of items I sew for myself (unfortunately I stopped growing many moons ago….) This was so quick to make up though, and suits her so well, that I really should run up a couple more. I do kind of wish I’d made this just a touch longer though. She’s wearing it here with her thin, ballet tights (having just come home from her lesson), but I guess it would look better with some thicker, navy leggings. Speaking of which, leggings are something she really could do with more of, I must have a look through some of my old magazines to see if I have a suitable pattern or search some free patterns online. If anyone thinks of any, aged 7 or so, let me know 🙂

I’ll leave you with some action shots. She couldn’t wait to model for me today 🙂

image image