Learning Restraint, Part II: So What Do I Actually Need?

So what do I actually need?

Well, truth be told, I already have a lot of clothes. Being totally honest, with the exception of replacing socks and underwear, I could probably go a couple of years without actually needing to make or buy anything. Crikey, by some people’s standards, probably far longer than that…

But, no doubt I’m the same as everyone out there who blogs about sewing (or knitting), I love clothes 🙂 I love how they can flatter you, comfort you or just plain cheer you up. I love how they can make you feel taller, slimmer or younger when you get them just right (or whatever floats your personal wish-list boat) and I love the therapeutic nature of sewing (or knitting on a cold, Winter’s evening) and the pride I feel as I gradually improve my skills and get the fit close-r to perfection. But in the spirit of restraint I’ve been forcing myself to consider any new purchases far more carefully than would ever come naturally to me…

i) First up is really straightforward: I need a plain, black, pencil skirt for work. BHL Charlotte, I’m looking at you! I’ve worn my plain, navy one loads (and my fancy, lilac one a fair few times too) so it’s a tried and tested pattern that I know will work perfectly 🙂

ii) Next up is a couple of plain, white shirts as my current ones are starting to look decidedly grubby around the collar and cuffs. Even the very thought of sewing one of these fills me with panic, so this is definitely a RTW one and something sensible to look for in the sales.

iii) Thirdly, I really need some smart, but comfy trousers for work. Yikes, now trousers I’ve so far avoided like the plague in terms of sewing. However I’ve recently seen some fab ones on the blogosphere, mostly courtesy of Jane over at Handmadejane and Karen over at didyoumakethat? I know from experience though that trousers really don’t come easily to my body shape. I’m small, but go in and out a lot. My legs are also my least favourite body part. Black tights in Winter are a godsend and come Summer there’s a whole lot of shaving, fake tanning and selecting of, at least, a medium heel height. There’s a reason I don’t do flats, even though I love them on others 😦

Buying RTW trousers is a royal pain in the butt, but actually, if I crack making my own, I need never brave the changing rooms again, and that has to be a plus… After much careful consideration, I’ve selected Simplicity’s 1699 (which seemed like a bargain at the time, as it also included a top, dress and even a jacket (one day, sigh…) that I also really liked, but now I’ve seen it comes free with next month’s Sew Home & Style, which I subscribe to, maybe not such a bargain!) And as a back up I’ve also purchased Colette’s Clover trousers (1019) which is a beginner’s pattern and seemed a really simple shape too (although I’ll be attempting the longer version, short trousers are a complete no-no on me). Fingers crossed one of these work out…


iv) And lastly, I always seem to need some flattering jeans. Now, just a couple of months ago this would have been a RTW option only. But actually, if I conquer the above, who knows? Maybe? 2015 could be the year of the trousers….

So there’s my list of essentials done. But anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that there’s no way I could last more than a month or so without running up a new skirt 😉 So I’m allowing myself some fun projects too, but again, they have to earn their place first. So, they’ll be some careful thought put in there too, and then I’m hoping to alternate between my two lists. Sounds simple in principle, I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick to it.

Anyone else rethinking their sewing plans for the new year?