Frivolous Fridays! Love Sewing Mag’s Upcycled Teddy Night Shirt…

So this is what you end up sewing (although technically there was no sewing actually involved) when you leave your latest sewing magazine lying around for your six year old daughter to find…


I give you the upcycled man’s shirt sleeve made into a teddy’s (well, rabbits’, plural, in this case. My daughter’s is obsessed with them) bedtime outfit.

This was a cute project to complete together. Pixie and Blossom were very pleased with their new designer night wear. The only ‘modification’ we made? Well, we had to accommodate their tails… of course!


I have a feeling we’ll be kitting out her whole bedroom, my husband had better get a lock for his wardrobe 😉

Sewing Bee Girl’s Dress

image image

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s high time I had a go at sewing something for my daughter. She’s still at an age where she loves wearing a pretty dress, so The Great British Sewing Bee’s Girl’s Dress seemed a good choice.

I found this very sweet gingham material, complete with ladybirds and toadstools at Leon’s in Chorlton. I cut a 7-8 year old size. My daughter’s only just turned six, but she’s already got incredibly long legs, clearly not inherited from me!

The instructions were pretty clear, but I did find sewing something this small pretty fiddly. I guess you get used to it after a few attempts? Annoyingly, I managed to misalign attaching the facings to the bodice, which resulted in an unsightly crease on the front bodice, grrr… I guess I should have unpicked and re-pinned it, but by this time I’d realised that this was going to come up pretty small… I was determined to finish it though, even if it was just for a mock-up.


I love getting out my embellishment box of tricks, but to my disappointment nothing was working for the ribbon trim. As you can see, I had plenty of red trimmings, purchased back in October from a lovely haberdashery shop in the beautiful city of Bath, which we visited on a family break.



But as you can see, they all had a cream background rather than a white, which didn’t quite work… So, despite my supplies I ended up buying yet more, opting for a red polka dot in red and white.

image image

Hmmm… It fits, just! As you can see Wren enjoyed modelling it, although it was somewhat lacking in the twirl department… I’d better get her wearing it a few times quick smart before she has another growing spurt 🙂

By the time I’d finished this, I’d kinda fallen out of love with it, it just wasn’t working. It’s clearly much trickier attempting to sew for someone other than yourself, don’t you think? I cut the biggest size available in this pattern, but I’m guessing it would be pretty easy to increase the width of the bodice, so maybe I’ll try again, but to be honest my enthusiasm’s waning. I’m a selfish sewer, I’ll come clean. It’s much more fun, and a safer bet, sewing for yourself!