All About the Girl

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When my daughter set me the challenge of creating her an entire ‘Mummy-Made’ outfit last week I knew precisely which fabric to use from my stash. I originally bought this cerise knit to make myself a Coco top, but it was so bright when I got it home that I knew it would only ever be used as a trim, which I did here. I had loads of it left over, cue my accidental, Mini Coco Top.

I had a flick through my sewing magazines and found a suitable pattern in the ‘Foxy Knit Winter Tunic’ from last month’s Love Sewing magazine. I cut the largest size (8-9) as my daughter’s pretty tall and I wanted it to last 😉 I decided to omit the collar as it looked a bit too ‘masculine’ for my daughter’s taste, although I guess it would make it more snugly for younger ones. I followed the instructions up to step 6 where the collar was attached and then kind of free-styled from there on in. It was a very similar process to Tilly’s Coco Top and good job too, as the instruction to simply ‘sew sleeves to tunic’ with no further detail would have totally thrown me…

I top-stitched the neckline to reveal a little of the contrasting facing, which I was really pleased with. I’m not sure what happened to the V in the neckline though and it’s also a little narrow. Next time I’ll definitely make the neckline bigger…

Overall, it’s turned out a little big all over but that’s fine now the colder weather has arrived as it will allow her to layer up more. Now I’ve started making her items I have a feeling it will be hard to stop. I really enjoyed making her this and she now has a full, Mummy-Made outfit for her own clothes day 🙂

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It also also goes perfectly with her simple, cord skirt I made her last week, see here, both made with fabric from my stash, so practically free 🙂






Waste Not, Want Not II


The left over material from my Winter Ginger, see here, seemed the perfect amount to make my daughter another simple skirt from. I used Lisa Comfort’s ‘A Very Versatile Skirt’ pattern from her book Sew Over It. I’ve used this pattern many times for myself and once for my daughter, when I was forced to convert my very first Ginger into a skirt for her, after a serious zip malfunction, see here.

I could really see how far I’d come skills-wise, running this up. It used to take the best part of a day to run them up, more material for myself granted, but still… This, however took me the sum total of an hour and a half, and a good fifteen minutes or so of that consisted of my daughter selecting her appropriate trimmings from my box of tricks 🙂

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This make made me feel bad that I don’t make her more things, but she’s growing so quickly, it sometimes just doesn’t feel worth the effort. I figure I get a lot more wear out of items I sew for myself (unfortunately I stopped growing many moons ago….) This was so quick to make up though, and suits her so well, that I really should run up a couple more. I do kind of wish I’d made this just a touch longer though. She’s wearing it here with her thin, ballet tights (having just come home from her lesson), but I guess it would look better with some thicker, navy leggings. Speaking of which, leggings are something she really could do with more of, I must have a look through some of my old magazines to see if I have a suitable pattern or search some free patterns online. If anyone thinks of any, aged 7 or so, let me know 🙂

I’ll leave you with some action shots. She couldn’t wait to model for me today 🙂

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Frivolous Fridays: Raincloud Mobile

So my daughter’s decided that she wants to do a sewing project every week so she’s ready to write her own sewing blog when she’s older… She’s currently six, what have I started?!! Seriously, you may want to look away from my Friday posts if you’re not into kids’ makes. You have been warned…

Flicking through some old magazines I came across this Liberty project featured in an old issue of Molly Makes (issue no. 32)


Perfect! But I figured we’d use some felt I already had in, coupled with lots of beads and some hand sewing. Sure enough she liked the idea and much to my amazement, my son wanted to join in too. My husband was very impressed with the silent (seriously this doesn’t happen very often), industrious atmosphere surrounding our kitchen table when he came home from work 🙂

The finished result isn’t quite as professional as MM’s featured version, but not bad considering we had all the ingredients already, so no expense required. And the value of that hour’s silence? Priceless!