You wait all year for one scarf, and then two come together in one week…

Or almost!

Work’s been pretty hectic this week, so something simple was required for my weekly making-fix. I’ve always dismissed scarf yarns as verging just a little bit on the naff, although, to be fair, not all of them. (And I love snoods, something I’ll definitely be having a go at now I’ve reawakened my love of knitting). I’ve been seduced by the novelty of such yarns before, but been disappointed by the results.

However I spotted this particular one in a lovely wool shop in Lydney, (The Forest of Dean), where I was visiting my in-laws a couple of weekends ago. It’s a yarn (or ‘tubular ribbon’ if you want to get technical) called ‘Voila’ by Adriafil, which requires nothing more than a crochet hook and a basic chain stitch, which even I could manage (I can’t crochet, though would love to try). It took me roughly an hour to construct and voila...


I love both the colour and the twisted effect of this. It’s similar in style to one that cost me a small fortune from All Saints a few years ago. My daughter’s quite taken with it too, so maybe I’ll be whipping another one up sooner than I’d planned…


A Year in the Making

And it’s only a scarf, I know!


I’m a slow knitter, it’s official! I do like knitting, but it’s definitely an Autumn/Winter past time for me. I was inspired to start this last Winter when I spotted a very similar version in Hobbs, but for a silly price. I followed a simple ribbed scarf pattern from Louisa Harding’s ‘hats gloves scarves’ and then added the pom poms.

You can see from these photos that my pom poms need a bit more of a trim, but I was pretty nervous of trimming them too much when I first finished. I was also worried that I wasn’t going to be able to wear this for a while, but my son was taking part in a cross country competition this morning and I’m glad I had it, as it was freezing standing around in the rain, cheering him on. He came 56th out of about 200 runners though, so not too shoddy at all and well worth enduring the cold for 🙂

I was inspired to get this finished after joining our knitting club at school, which has been great fun. A couple of the girls are already able to knit, having been taught by their mums or grans, but most of them are complete beginners, so it’s been great seeing them learn and progress. We have all ages attending, from our little year sevens up to a few sixth formers. It’s really lovely to pass on the skill and get to have a natter with them on a more informal basis. I also teach in a pretty high performing school, so it’s the perfect activity to allow them a little down time too.


And if you haven’t made a pom pom for a good few years like me, I highly recommend it! I’d forgotten how much fun it was, even the endless winding… And as for the gentle prising off and cutting: pure, childish joy! 🙂