The Seamworks Wembley


So here’s my April Seamworks pattern: the Wembley I’ve made it up using the lovely material I was gifted in this year’s Secret Sewing Santa organised by Sheila over at Sewchet. It’s a kind of lace knit, something I’ve never attempted before, in a very pale cream. I thought making it up in a more ‘casual’ design would mean I’d get a lot more wear out of it. Thank you Kate, it’s very me, you guessed perfectly 🙂

The Wembley  is a cropped cardigan which was very quick and easy to make on my overlocker. It didn’t quite take an hour, but I could see how future versions almost could, so near enough. I think this is a really versatile design, like their Oslo, and I can see me running up several more of these very soon. But can you spot the obvious mistake I made though?

To be honest I’m amazed this hasn’t happened more often. And I’m hoping it’s not too easy to spot… Yes, those front edges are supposed to be pointed. Mmmm, whilst I was attaching the neckband I hacked off a corner with the blade and once it’s gone, there isn’t really any turning back. Thankfully I figured it might just work as a ‘design feature’, I’ve heard hacked off corners are in 😉 So, I simply hacked off the matching corner, and I think I’ve just about got away with it, don’t you?

I wore this out for a rare date night with husband last night and I loved it. It’s the perfect mixture of comfy, yet dressy with just enough ‘pretty’. Love it and just in time for #MeMadeMay.

Pattern: Seamworks Wembley

Size: Small (toyed with a medium, but glad I stuck with this)

Adjustments: unintentional corner features… Enough said. This is pretty short, even on me. While it worked well with my high-waisted jeans in the photos above I might add an extra inch or so in length next time

Time Guide: 1 hr, this took me roughly an hour and a half (after cutting out), so pretty accurate

Soundtrack: radio 4

28 thoughts on “The Seamworks Wembley

  1. Hi Teresa, loving this! I actually prefer your corners and may well do it on mine when I get around to it! I’ve tried emailing you again regarding your kind pattern offer, btw. Sorry for the delay, I did email before but it can’t have gone through. All the best, Jen

    • Thank you Jen. I think I was pretty lucky that it was only the corner I snipped, whoops! Overlockers are so quick though that I’m really amazed I haven’t done this before… I posted several patterns out last week but I can’t remember to who now sorry! Will check back in my emails and if not, I’ll post it out to you early next week. Really no problem, happy for it to go to a better home 🙂

  2. I thought I spotted that fabric. Your cardigan is really, really pretty. You have a delicate look and the lacy-ness over the gold satin is great – as you say a little dressy but not too much. Bravo. Great job.

    • 🙂 Ah, so glad you like it too. I don’t have too many MeMade going out clothes so this will get lots of use. Love how it’s a good cover up, but adds (rather than detracts) from the camisole underneath. Looking forward to seeing what else it goes with in my wardrobe. Thank you again, it’s perfect! 🙂

  3. Lovely work! It looks lovely with the little cami top underneath. I would never have guessed that you accidentally lopped a bit off your cardi! Great problem-solving skills!

    • Ha, just a good job I lopped it off where I did… Would have been an entirely different story if I’d have nicked the neck edge… A stressful moment but thankfully resolved. 🙂

  4. Well I think the corners look better than the original !! When I went to look at the original pattern and saw it made up, I didn’t like the points … And I thought, “that’s funny, I don’t remember yours having points … So I’ve now come to this page and found out why yours looks better! Love those corners. Well done! (Even though it was by accident.)

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