Easter Holidays #sundaysevens, Week


Seems like some time since I last joined in with one of these. This holiday couldn’t have come soon enough though! Teaching just seems like one very long endurance test the older I get! Coupled with the endles cycle of running the monkeys here, there and everywhere I was plain exhausted. We’ve been enjoying some serious downtime this week, with a view to being more alive in the next one…


This week’s bonus image had to be the launch of this year’s MeMadeMay. I’m going for the same challenge as last year (but am seriously hoping the weekends are a lot easier this year…), but with additional pledge of continuing my decluttering. Sure I’m not the only one who finds getting rid of MeMades even harder than RTW..

This year Easter coincided with my daughter’s birthday: this was my favourite of the three cakes we ended up with 😉 On Easter Monday we just about managed to dodge the rain, walking around the Walls in Chester.

On Tuesday I managed to sneak in a little sewing time, adding a lining to my first jacket. Inbetween runing errand on Wednesday we nipped into one if my favourite charity shops for books. My son especially did well 🙂

My work wardrobe was looking a whole lot better on Thurday after a thorough cleaning and unpacking of some much- needed Spring clothing. On Friday my daughter was feeling very pleased with herself for completing this sewing kit she’d been working on for a couple of weeks.


And we ended the week with a cycle ride, well the kids on theirs at any rate (and us lagging behind on foot).Hope everyone else has enjoyed a lovely Easter break.

For more details on #sundaysevens head over to Nat’s site ThreadsandBobbins.com

Until next week,


18 thoughts on “Easter Holidays #sundaysevens, Week

  1. Your daughter’s cake looks divine….belated HB to her! Love the jacket lining and your daughter’s finished sewing project. Ooooh, MMM would be fun, possibly next year. Great week!

  2. What an adorable birthday cake! And project for your daughter to have completed – her own wabbit! Belated Happy Birthday to her! Hope you can get some down time to recoup your energies before going back to the classroom. xx

  3. Hmmm, still debating whether or not to do MMM this year for the first time as I did enjoy seeing everyone’s efforts last year. THREE Easter cakes?! Chester looks like a pretty town, even in the rain. You’re making your first lined jacket, eh? Kudos to you. And your daughter, actually- great job on the bunny front:)

    • MeMadeMay has a lovely community feel to it, although the endless photos do take their toll. Some people just post old photos of the items which I might adapt this year. Really pleased with my jacket, really not much trickier than tops (without any fastenings at any rate…) surprisingly 🙂

  4. Great to hear you’ve had a well earned break. I’m debating too about Me Made May. I’m wavering as I give so much away, so really don’t have much, but I could still pledge to wear one or two – I am right about that, aren’t I? And it would make me consider what hiding in my wardrobe.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your jacket, I would like to start making them too. I need to declutter my clothes both RTW and me made, but I can’t sew fast enough to replace what I need! Lovely cake and rabbit, and well done on the book haul.

    • Thanks Ruth. The jacket was surprisingly simple to make, not too dissimilar to making tops, def. worth giving a go 🙂 My decluttering never seems to finish and feels depressingly like an endless cycle!

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