Book Bears: aka Squishy Teds!


I finished my second book bear just in the for my daughter’s birthday, phew! Not sure what took me so long with the sewing up and simple embroidery, but I think it’s always a bit like this for me with knitting. I kind of work in the opposite way that I do for sewing projects. My son’s bear is on the left and my daughter’s slightly more ‘feminine’ bear is on the right (smaller and with additional eyelashes). These were really simple, satisfying makes and they’re getting lots of love already πŸ™‚

Pattern: Knit Today Squishy TedsΒ (issue 119)

Adjustments: smaller, second bear as first one came up too long against my cushions and additional eyelashes for the she-bear

Viewing: various, but lots of Happy Valley and The Night Manager

17 thoughts on “Book Bears: aka Squishy Teds!

    • You’ll have to find someone to teach you, it’s lovely to settle down with in front of the TV. Especially in the Winter months… These were super easy if you do find someone to teach you… πŸ˜‰

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