Simply Sewing Tilly Bow Blouse



Anyone else tried or even looked at the above pattern? Was going well until ‘Sewing The Bow Collar’ stage where it advises to ‘pin the straight short ends of one of the bow pieces to the short end of one of the collar pieces, RS together and stitch’. Mmmm.. Clearly my bow pieces are twice the length of the collar pieces (bottom left), so presumably I fold them in half? But this doesn’t make sense to me even if I do this (but no instructions to?) as surely I need to sew the bow pieces in half first? It would seem to make the job pretty difficult to do after I’ve done the above stage. Can’t see instructions to fold in half either before or afterwards… Tilly’s instructions are usually idiot-proof but this just doesn’t seem right to me πŸ€” Or am I the exception to the idiot-proof rule? Any advice or words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

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19 thoughts on “Simply Sewing Tilly Bow Blouse

  1. I wish I could help, but I cant make heads or tails of the instructtions either😞. I normally rely on line drawings and pictures of actual garment when trying to figure out how to do something. Looking at pictures of this top I’d make up the bow (leaving seam where it joins to bodice open) and turn right sides out then sew under collar of bow to bodice. Turn under the upper collar bit and slip stitch to close seam. Hope this makes sense. I have a really great video tutorial I can send you with what I mean if you like. I found it very helpful. Hila. X

  2. I was going to have a go at this once the second part was out but sounds like I’ll have to take the instructions with a pinch of salt… This does look like a rehash of the Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch though – she did a pattern hack on her website to turn it into a bow blouse. Might be worth looking up?

  3. It’s always good to let other sewers try these things first so they can iron out any problems πŸ˜‰I really like this patten but I’m just going to see how you get on! I’m hopeless with written instructions. I can never picture in my head what they mean. Usually things get clearer when I get up to that stage but not always! Checking out the Mimi blouse hack sounds like a good plan! Good luck πŸ€

  4. I have done a bow blouse before. I think it was an old McCalls or Simplicity pattern. But the instructions were never that confusing. I can’t remember all the details but I made the long tie that would be tied up into a bow first, leaving an unsewn section in the middle of it where the tie would attach to the neck of the blouse. I sewed one side of the opening on to the blouse and then tucked the unfinished edges inside and sewed the other side of the opening shut. This probably doesn’t make any sense at all as sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully you find proper instructions on other sites! Good luck!

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