Astoria No 5

Well, in my defence I had to make the most of this lovely fabric 🙂 But yes, it is number five! See here, here and here for earlier ones, and if you must here! I did consider the Seamworks Wembly Cardigan (and therefore ticking off a March Seamworks project too), but it seemed too similar to my Oslo in it, so an Astoria it was.


Because I knew the pattern so well, I did try something new here though. Using Jane of homemadebyjane’s fame, I threaded some green thread in the very far left spool. Noting Chris of saidanddone’s advice on cleaning up and tightening this very same spool I also solved my gap-y issues from my Oslo. Result: success on both scores! I’m so pleased with the finish of this, it looks super Bprofessional. Thank you both 🙂 Indeed, another Mum up at the school gates couldn’t believe I’d made it 🙂 I’m actually thinking of returning to my Oslo to see if I can redo the sleeves without them becoming too short…

Pattern: Seamworks Astoria

Size: M

Adjustments: Added two inches to body (much though I love wearing my others with my high waisted jeans, I wanted this be to be a little more wearable with skirts)

Soundtrack: Lordes Pure Heroine


30 thoughts on “Astoria No 5

  1. Fabulous make & look for you!
    Love that you’re trying new things with your machine & learning more!
    (If Oslo sleeves turn out to be too short, got anything in stash that might look good as a replacement cuff?)

  2. You look so lovely! Looks like you have found a TNT for sure. By now you probably can make this up in no time at all. Comfy sweaters that also look good with skirts are a must have😃.

      • Yea, its stretchy, maybe a could go up a size and length it a bit too. Not that I’m tall, I like things to stop at my hip or just above rather than my waist. 😀

      • Good idea, you don’t want to end up with the Incredible Hulk effect like my first one! 😉 I usually add an inch to the length, but here added two. And this is a size up from what I’d normally sew (M rather than S because of thicker fabric, usually sweatshirting).

  3. Glad to hear that your overlocker is playing nicely again. I think this sweater is just the perfect garment for you – every version looks just great!

    • Thanks Chris. Your advice really made sense because of the change in colour too. Before I couldn’t work out which thread resulted in which stitch. Think I will go back and sort my Oslo sleeves out too now it’s tightened up 🙂

  4. That looks incredibly professional – I started to look for details of where you’d bought the top in your outfit, then realised you’d made it! Congrats on taming your overlocker 😀

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