Jacket Time: decisions, decisions…

After avoiding anything difficult since the jeans fiasco, it’s time to make a start on jackets πŸ™‚ I already have several patterns that have come free over the years, but I’m struggling to decide which one to start with first so I thought I’d moot it with you lovely readers…

The first two are by far my favourites. I’m easily swayed by the cover images, although I’m slowly Β getting better at spotting the potential in more unassuming ones. The first one by Simplicity made up in a lace or eyelet fabric is beautiful and totally what I’d be drawn to in the shops. I love the floral illustration in the second New Look one (top right on envelope cover): the Summery, light-weight nature and flattering peplum style of this could be my version of all those lovely, floaty kimonos everyone was wearing last year (but far too loose a style for me in the original form, much though I admired them on everyone else). However both of these look a little more advanced for now, but maybe once I’ve got a couple of attempts at the second lot under my belt?

The images in the second group are all quite similar, although the Cynthia Rowley one possibly looks a little too boxy for my shape. So I’m thinking that it’s going to be either the New Look one, with flattering princess-style seams in the slightly longer version or Simple Sew’s Notch Collar Jacket which has flattering darts at the bust and pretty pockets. I have two lots of lovely tweed/ wool fabric (in navy blue of course) to use for these, but which one first?

If any of you have sewn up any of these styles, it would great if you could leave a link in the comments below to help me make my mind up. Any thoughts or suggestions from more seasoned jacket-makers?






47 thoughts on “Jacket Time: decisions, decisions…

      • If my experiene with boucle is anything to go like I would recommend you start with the other fabric. I have found lofty boucle to be really temperamental plus it frays like hell. On the other hand, if you do use it, your new Swear Word Policy might come in handy…

  1. I like the notch one from simple sews, but it depends what you’ll be wearing it with, but then I suppose a good jacket should go with owt. I mean everything’ πŸ˜€

  2. I’d go for one with princess seams as your first jacket as they’re much easier to adjust the fit. Whichever you choose enjoy the process!

  3. Out of all those I only have the simplicity one and like you I like the idea of making it up in lace or eyelet…just never got round to it! I would say if it’s your first jacket avoid anything with notch anything unless your fairly confident with the precision of your sewing. If it was me I would say the simplicity or new look because that has princess seams and so it would be easier for you to adjust. I would also say go for something lined: even though it seems like more work I think it’s easier to cope with than finishing the seams.

  4. I think I have 3 of these patterns but haven’t sewn any of them up to be able to advise you I’m afraid – but I’m really looking forward to seeing which you choose and how it turns out. I’m always in search of the ultimate jacket pattern to wear with dresses to work!

  5. I think the New Look might suit you, but haven’t made any of them, so can’t speak about that bit. Have you tried a general search for each pattern, to see what other bloggers have to say about them? That’s what I do sometimes… hope that helps.

  6. I also think that the New Look one would look great on you. My second favourite is the Simplicity one, although the contrast waistband might be a lot more fiddly to do than it looks. I’m not too sure about the Simple sew one. It looks nice on the model, but the technical drawing looks very boxy, so I wonder if they haven’t created a misleading impression with the model drawing.

    • Thanks Chris and good point re: the Simple Sew one. Think it’s a popular one over here as it came free with one of the more popular magazines, will do a Google search to see what comes up πŸ™‚

  7. I vote for the New Look one in the first picture, it’s a very flattering style and you can wear it with formal or casual. From the other group, I’d probably go with the simple sew. I’ve made the previous one they had three times so far and although it doesn’t have the notch collar jacket it looks pretty similar, so I imagine it will not be hard to sew.

  8. For my first jacket I was advised not to go for a notched collar, to choose princess seams to make it easier to fit and to line it. Like everyone else appears to, I have these patterns too (they’re not all in my size though) and looked through them for a jacket for the wedding. I was attracted to the Simple Sew one but a little wary of it because of one of their skirts on a magazine cover and that it’s a diagram.

    • Thank you. Haven’t had chance to google them yet (usual crazy busy end of term) but will do some research before plumping for one over the weekend. The princess seam one seems to be getting lots of votes, because of easier fitting as you say. I like the fact it has a matching dress too, I might be able to stretch my fabric to both πŸ™‚

  9. Late to the post but ditto whats been said about princess line jacket. I have that pattern too so maybe my bias is in wanting to see that one made up😁. Though I think which ever you make it will be gorgeous. X

  10. Any of these jackets would be lovely, but my favorite for you is the Simple Sew. The neckline is so unusual and those pockets are just adorable. I can see it in a softer wool (navy of course πŸ˜‰ ). Can’t wait to see which you choose and why, and see it all made up!

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