Holey Cashmere!

This week’s theme over at The Monthly Stitch is WIPs. Now I may be guilty of a lot of sewing sins, but funnily enough this really isn’t one of them. I love finishing projects, because then you get to wear them! Anyhow, while I was mulling this over and thinking how I could contribute (one of my sewing resolutions was to join in more), I thought I’d tackle my rather large pile of fixing jobs which is kind of in the same spirit. I’ve been trying to fix one thing from the pile before I allow myself to start a new project, which I’ve mostly stuck to… Most of these jobs seriously only involve a few stitches.

In amongst the pile was this ancient, cashmere jumper. I’m really not sure what happened to this, but somewhere along the line it developed a series of small holes, which I’ve patched up again and again, but they keep coming. It’s too nice to chuck, so I’ve been wearing it over pjs at the weekends. But maybe something more radical was required? Flicking through a copy of Sew magazine, I found the pattern and templates above, so thought I’d give it a try.

While it’s not my proudest make by a long shot, I actually liked making these slowly inbetween bigger projects. Hand sewing is not my favourite activity, but working through each of these I really could feel myself improving each time. I forgot to split my silks on the first one (the rabbit), hence the face is too ‘heavy’ (and too dark). The stuffing isn’t great on it either. But the second one is much better (the cat). I realised that I could use up the off-cuts to stuff it with and therefore make it softer (and no waste). I’m really pleased with how the sleeve ribbing became his ‘trousers’. By right the third should have been the neatest, but I think the second is better. Oh well! This was essentially a totally free project, which is always nice. And my daughter is delighted with them, here they are in situ with some knitted cats in their bed 🙂


Pattern: Sew Magazine Cashmere Plushies

Adjustments: plenty of room for improvisation built into this project but I was pleased that I had some tiny, Liberty scraps to use as they recommended.

New Skills: plenty of hand sewing practice, which I clearly needed

Soundtrack: soundtracks from The Secret Garden & The Jungle Book (daughter in charge) and I dare anyone to listen to the latter without joining in and doing a daft dance or two 🙂


25 thoughts on “Holey Cashmere!

  1. Yes, I can see how these are a joy to make in between bigger projects – perfect way to reuse an old jumper, too. I love the addition of the Liberty pieces, they really brighten them up!

  2. Well done for recycling the jumper, the rabbits are cute and your daughter obviously loves them. I love sew heats idea about Liberty bunting for cards! I’ve made lavender bags to use up scraps of Liberty and pretty cottons.

  3. Too cute! How many kids can say I have cashmere toys? Your daughter is one lucky girl. Since reading this King Louis’s “I wanna be just like you” is stuck in my head now😂

  4. What a lovely project to do between dressmaking. I think these sort of little projects, that are exercises in doing something a bit different, help build our general creativity too. Not surprised your daughter loves them.

    • Really interesting, thanks Clarinda. I’d ruled out moths as nothing else seemed affected… Sure I read somewhere that you could stick it in a freezer to get rid? Might hav to try as don’t want it transferred to anything else! Are the bags meant just for when you put stuff away out of season, or as a permanent storage solution? Clearly I need to read up more on this…

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