The Dewsbury Oslo #seamworks

I bought a lovely pile of fabrics during the recent Yorkshire Spoolettes meet-up. By far my favourite though was this beautiful light, wool (mix?) in a very pretty pale, moss green. So this had to be the first one I made up from the pile. And the pattern choice was obvious: the Seamworks Oslo Cardigan. I wore my original version a few times last week to check that the fit was right. I have no idea why I haven’t worn it much, as it was perfect and really comfortable to sew in 🙂 Maybe the somewhat drab colour just wasn’t calling to me from my wardrobe? But it’s actually a really useful neutral. Anyway I didn’t need to change anything, so cut it out exactly the same.

It sewed up really quickly and easily. This time I added the sleeve cuffs as I wanted to make it warmer and therefore more seasonably appropriate. I think I left these off last time as the sleeves already looked pretty narrow, but in this looser knit, they were just fine. There isn’t much to say about the pattern really other than I love it. I’m a bit incredulous I haven’t returned to this pattern before as it’s a perfect, casual layering piece for colder days. I will definitely be using it again. I love this and can see it getting an awful lot of wear. Although it’s lightweight, it’s warm and snuggly and the colour gives it just a hint of Spring 🙂

The only slight issue I had was with my over locker on this project. It worked fine but I’ve got that slightly gap-y look on the sleeves where I’d really prefer not to see any stitches at all (on the outside of the garment). Anyone have any advice on this? I checked all the threads were pulled in tightly to the dials, and had a fiddle around with the tightness, but I’ve no idea which dial feeds to this bit…. As always, any help would be much appreciated 🙂

Pattern: Seamworks magazine’s Oslo Cardigan

Adjustments: with sleeve cuffs

Soundtrack: Billy Bragg’s Greatest Hits


35 thoughts on “The Dewsbury Oslo #seamworks

  1. Lovely Cardigan. Really like the shape. I have very little experience of overlockers. I sometimes think I should buy one, research them but then change my mind. I will stick to my sewing machine for now.

    • I love mine as these are the type of clothes I love wearing. It’s also so quick, which is great when you don’t have lots of time to squeeze sewing into, but I’m not great on the smaller details like this…

  2. I am utterly envious of ho how quickly you sewed up your fabric from the Spoolettes meet up! Thats a lovely cardigan. It looks like you will get a lot of wear out of it too. Wish I could help with the overlocker issue – i will be keeping an eye on comments sections for ideas too 😃. Have a great weekend! Hila. X

    • Thanks Hila. It was a relatively easy pattern and I’d made it before. I’d also cut it out ready last week. I really love having something cut out in advance, so when you have time you can just get on with the sewing bit 🙂

  3. How I love a cosy cardigan, this looks lovely, I have this pattern but not been able to find the right fabric online, not sure what its called is it a sweater knit?

  4. Looks fab and well done getting it made so fast. Sounds like the tension isn’t right with the over locker but I am not an expert. Have you a local dealer you could ask?

    • There’s a man near my parents, wishing I’d taken it when I was visiting last week. Clearly the difficulty with knits is that it just varies so much, what works for one kind doesn’t for others.

  5. This is lovely. A great use of that beautiful fabric! How much fabric did you actually use for this patten? In other words, could I make this out of a metre and a half of 60″ wide fabric? ☺

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased with it 🙂 And even more pleased that I have plenty of it left… I’m guessing that it too about a metre and a half? If you go on there site and click on the fabric requirements it tells you before you have chance to purchase/download it.

  6. I love this on you and it really does look so comfortable and easy to wear. Hopefully you’ll get more wear out of your other one now you remember how much you love it!

  7. That is such a nice piece. I think a lighter version would be useful for spring as well.
    Whenever I get this probem on my overlocker I need to check that the leftmost dial is free of fluff and bits of thread and I need to take extra care that the thread is securely fed between the two dials. Maybe yours works the same?

  8. The Oslo is lovely and looks fab on you. The fabric drapes so nicely. Although neutral it is a lovely colour. Not drab to me at all and, as you say, it’s the neutrals that usually get the wear.

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