A Scrapbusting Playtime Tunic #oliver+s

This fabric (very cheap, last on the roll from Abakhan’sΒ in Manchester) just keeps on giving! I already have a lovely, Ella Skater Dress (Love Sewing) and a much worn Papercut Coppelia Cardigan (despite my initial misgivings, it works just great as an extra layer between a dress and jacket at school), but there seemed just enough left to squeeze something small out of πŸ™‚ Not sure when we’d wear them together, but we could…

I’d love to tell you that the flash of contrasting pink (yes, still going regular readers) on the back was intentional, but when I came to stitch the pockets in, I realised I’d only cut one skirt piece (honestly, one day I’ll feel more like an intermediate sewer rather than a beginner one). I had only smaller scrap bits left, enough for a facing or pocket maybe, but certainly not enough for a skirt. So I was forced to improvise, and actually it really is a bit of a happy accident as it matches the pink in the flowers perfectly and of course, she already has the matching leggings (and the matching butterfly necklace…).

It’s labelled as a two out of four scissorsΒ for difficulty and I’d say that’s about right. The only difficult bit is probably attaching the button placket at the back, although because I was using a knit, I omitted this. Gathering a skirt like this is still something fairly new to me(I think the Colette Moneta is my only time) and although it looks fine in terms of evenly spaced gathers, this is more by accident than skill! Looking at these photos it would appear to be a little lopsidedly attached too, but as it’s pretty big on her (I cut an age 10 to ensure it lasted a while), maybe it’s just hanging a little skew whiff? Either way, it was basically a freebie from my stash and a useful trial of this pattern before I break out the bunnies!

And even more importantly, she loves it πŸ™‚

Pattern: Oliver + S Playtime Tunic

Size: age 10

Adjustmentments: omitted button detail at back

Lessons: check you’ve cut all the pieces before starting to sew and more practice at gathered waists (and attaching them) clearly needed…

Soundtrack: Tracy Chapman’s Tracy Chapman

35 thoughts on “A Scrapbusting Playtime Tunic #oliver+s

  1. A lovely stash-busting make! Plus a rare moment when you can make something unique at a fraction of the cost of RTW. I’m envious you’ve already completed a make since Saturday – I’m itching to start a new project!

  2. No wonder your daughter loves it – it’s gorgeous! The back is the perfect pink and I also think it looks very intentional! With my last top I cut out 2 right arms so I really wouldn’t worry about it! It’s how you solved the problem that’s important!

  3. She looks fab! And very happy in front of the camera! I love their patterns and wish I had some young ones to sew for. I probably could sew for nephews and nieces but they’re not local and i imagine they’d could just end up not being warn. I love your daughter boots! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. I love this top– I think the contrast back is great. I think it looks totally intentional, although I know the frustration of cutting errors all too well. Just two days ago I was cutting out a t-shirt and managed to cut two front pieces. Thankfully I had enough fabric to also cut a back piece but there went my plans for the leftover fabric!

  5. Yesterday, sewing some french seams I realized I’d sewed the front right shoulder to the back left shoulder – but only after I’d trimmed away the excess. This is why you shouldn’t sew tired!!! But then I wouldn’t get to sew at all. Lovely lovely top on your daughter.

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