#yorkshirespoolettes Meet Up


Sewing can be a bit of a solo hobby at times. Sometimes this suits me just perfectly (life is pretty hectic and frankly the silence is bliss), but at other times I do worry it’s a bit anti-social, hiding away in my sewing den when I could be playing with my children or meeting up with friends… So one of my sewing goals for this year was to get more social with this sewing lark 🙂 I’ve already completed one post over on The Monthly Stitch and joined Instagram (which wasn’t half as complex as I’d thought). But yesterday’s sewing meet-up at Dewsbury, organised by the lovely (and very sociable) Ali from Thimberlina has easily topped both of these 🙂

I don’t think I was feeling as nervous as some of the other attendees, as there were at least five names on the list who I’ve been regularly ‘chatting’ with for well over a year now, all of whom it was so great to finally meet with in person. But as I parked up and attempted to locate the cafe where we were meeting, I did have a moment of ‘what on Earth am I doing?’ I needn’t have worried for even that minute though as everyone was so warm and friendly, and I have no idea how the day passed so quickly 🙂 Just like Camilla noted, over at sewingandmarking, I headed home with a big smile on my face. Sadly as you get older, I think it gets harder to meet new ‘friends’, especially a whole bunch of them together. So this was the perfect antidote 🙂

And the fabric? Well, if I’d listened to the little talking I’d given myself heading over the Penines (lovely that the meet-up was so inclusive, and there were a fair few non-Yorkshirites present too), I would have been some sort of saint with all the temptation that Dewsbury offers! It would have been such a shame to stop at the first, little pile pictured (Fab Works), so I added a few more to the pile (top right). The The staff everywhere we went were so friendly and helpful, but maybe especially at Lucky’s where we were greeted with a hot drink and snacks-a-plenty. Some of us even got to leave with snacks for the journey home but I’m mentioning no names! I’m feeling a bit guilty at how much I spent, but I did buy with a plan…

My favourite fabric in the pile was this lovely green, woolly knit destined I think for a Colette Oslo cardigan. These two, lighter-weight knits are going to be a couple of Tilly’s Agnes-es.

I’ve wanted to have a go at Tilly’s Margot pyjamas for a while and I think these two checks will make great ones. This lovely, textured knit I’m hoping will make a good Seamworks Wembly cardigan (or a Papercut Coppelia or another Oslo).


And finally I couldn’t resist this rabbit-cuteness for my daughter. I’m hoping one of these Oliver + S patterns will work.

But where to start? Decisions, decisions…

Thank you for such a lovely day ladies! Looking forward to the next one already 😃😃

51 thoughts on “#yorkshirespoolettes Meet Up

  1. It sounds like the perfect day out and you grabbed some lovely fabrics and patterns too. I felt the same on our first Sew Bees meet up – really calm about it until I was about to step into our meeting place and then the nerves kicked in! I needn’t have worried as everyone was so friendly. Enjoy your fabrics and I look forward to seeing your makes – especially the Agnes in that gorgeous stripy fabric! 🙂

    • Thank you! I already had the patterns, you’re making me sound even worse 😉 Although I’m all spent up now! Just need to lock myself in my sewing room for a month or so to work through this little lot…

  2. It sounds like a great day was had by all 🙂 I’m loving all of your purchases, especially the checks and bunnies! I think it’s great you already have a plan for them too! Looking forward to seeing these made up 🙂

  3. All those gorgeous fabrics – wow! You’re going to have so much fun making them up. I love the striped fabric particularly. I would love to meet some blogging buddies one day, looks like you all had a wonderful day.

    • It was so lovely to put some real life faces to all those blogs I’ve been following for a while now. And funny how everyone’s exactly how you imagine them to be from their online ‘voices’ 🙂 A few faces were certainly missed though, yours included x

  4. Oooh, such a great haul! I was quite taken with that green woolly knit and I very nearly grabbed it after you! If it’s still there next time then it’s mine! It’s great that you have a plan for these fabrics. Can’t wait to see what you make first!

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  6. What a grand collection, Teresa, and I love all your plans for them! What have you laundered? That green woulda been top o my pile – can’t wait to see your post on it! Happy sewing! xx

    • Thank you Del, such a shame you couldn’t join us but that would have been a mighty long way indeed! I’ve washed the checks, the rabbits and the brown knit so far. Was a little hesitant over the green one as think it might have some wool in it. As it’s destined for a cardigan and won’t be worn against my skin I’m thinking it won’t actually need much more than the occasional hand wash… Maybe? X

      • Thank you, luv, for those nice thoughts. 💕
        The rabbit fabric is adorable! And those checks will be grand, as will that brown. As for the wool…
        Aussie & New Zealand sewers seem to think nothing of throwing them straight into washer with proper soap & cycle. I was shocked! But have tried with an increasing number of wools & blends, and all have come out fine so far. Wouldn’t dare guarantee same for yours; could you call the shop and ask? Might be your best bet. Have fun with everything!

  7. You all clearly had a fabulous time. You’ve come home with a great haul and even better when it’s attached to a plan. Enjoy your making – I look forward to seeing the finished pieces 🙂

  8. I agree with all your fabric/pattern choices! Love that stripey knit destined for an Agnes! Someone in my class made an Oliver + S playtime dress last year, it was cute 🙂

  9. I didn’t realise you had bought so much – looks like there is some really gorgeous fabric in that pile! I do admire you for having patterns in mind whilst shopping, and for matching them up already – my haul is still in a carrier bag whilst I work out where it’s going to go! 😬

  10. Lovely to chat with you yesterday! I like the plans you have for your fabric. I had forgotten I have the coppelia cardigan pattern too, I could looked for fabric for that! Maybe next time…..

  11. Lovely to chat to you yesterday. Great fabric and pattern choices. I wish I had remembered I’ve got the coppelia cardigan pattern too, I would have had an excuse to buy more fabric!

  12. I love the catch ups with our Brisbane spoolettes, whether it’s sewing or high tea or something else. I remember how funny it felt going to the first one too! Looks like you got some great fabrics. My daughter would love that bunny fabric ;o)

  13. Oh my gracious! What a great time you all had. And I’m quite envious of the fabric shops….we have precious little near me. Might have to venture out a bit further (across the pond might be a little too far afield though, hehe). You’ve made a great haul, and good choices for the patterns. Love the green wool, love, love, love the rabbits for your little one! It will be fun to see the finished garments.

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