Love Sewing Magazine Ella Skater Dress

I loved this jersey dress as soon as I saw it in last month’s Love Sewing magazine. I’ve been so impressed with their patterns of late, and by how many of them they manage to squeeze in! The only problem is keeping up with them… But not a bad problem to have when you have a subscription I guess πŸ™‚ I really liked the fact that the skirt on this Ella Skater Dress had enough fullness to make it fairly casual looking, so great for weekends and less formal workdays, but not too much to leave me feeling hip-y. Straight skirts tend to suit me better generally, but are pretty constricting to wear all of the time, so this is a nice (and more comfortable) compromise.

This would be a great pattern for a beginner to knits, especially if you’ve already got a Coco or an Agnes under your belt. The instructions were really clear and it came together pretty quickly too. The only thing I found difficult was selecting a size. The hip measurements in particular seemed a little odd. In the end, I plumped for a size D, based on my bust measurement, hoping this would be the fullest part for me. Luckily this was spot on, phew!

I used the leftovers from my Papercut Coppelia cardigan and I’m so pleased with the result. The fabric seems to suit the pattern perfectly (which doesn’t always happen for me). It’s the perfect, layering dress with a cropped cardigan, and several of mine seem to match really well, pulling out the various colours in the fabric. Apparently there’s a tutorial to add a cowl to the neckline too, which I’m yet to investigate but sounds tempting. This is firmly set to become a favourite design for me.


Pattern: Ella Skater Dress

Designer: Pattydoo (via Love Sewing Magazine, issue 22)

Size: D

Adjustments: none this time, but looking forward to adding a cowl neckline next time

Soundtrack: First Aid Kit‘s My Silver Lining


43 thoughts on “Love Sewing Magazine Ella Skater Dress

  1. I absolutely love this on you, Teresa! I agree, this is just a perfect dress on you. And the combo with the mustard cardi and the chunky scarf is just so chic! I can imagine this very well with a cowl too. Great pattern to have!

    • Taken first thing this morning and pretty windy, but at least we didn’t get the snow bomb too! Both monkies were doing that daft thing where they just run round in circles: children and wind! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Clarinda, def worth getting a subscription, if you time it right you could probably get a nice, free gift too πŸ™‚ Their patterns have been really impressive of late and a real range too. Think there are now so many magazines that the competition’s tougher, but good for us!

    • Would suit you well too as think we’re similar shapes πŸ™‚ Think the stripes were a little off putting in the magazine. Maybe great for youngsters, but a little too much for me! Reminded me of a slimmed down Moneta. And you can add a cowl neck, your trademark πŸ˜‰

  2. I made an Ella dress recently for the Indiesew pattern shop. It was such a fun pattern to sew! I made the cowl version and it was pretty simple. I want to make one for myself but I haven’t found the right fabric yet. Yours looks so nice on you! I love it by itself of layered up.

  3. Looks like your modesty was almost compromised by a gust of wind! Those cardigans are great with the dress – glad you’re embracing colour a bit more as it suits you:)

    • Knew you’d like the colour in this post, I do try but my natural radar always zooms straight towards the neutrals! And yes, the wind was pretty gusty, I wore this all day on Friday and had to hold it down a few times!

  4. Ooooh I do like this one! I love it paired with the yellow too πŸ™‚ I really like this style of dress but I haven’t really ventured into knits yet! I think I will do as you have said; Coco first!

  5. I made 2 dresses in this style last year and wore them all the time. I plan to make a couple more for our winter. I love the fabric you used (and I do like that First aid kit song ;o)

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