A Cranberry and Ice Delphine


Despite the irony of it being three weeks into my Dry January and subscribing to a weekly, organic fruit and vegetable box for the same amount of time, I’ve been feeling more ill than I have done for years, the last few days. 😦 We’ve all been struck down with a horrible, wheezy-chesty-flu like bug. Still, much though I’ve barely ventured from the house I have managed to slowly sew up a Tilly and the Buttons Delphine. And I’m counting it as a drinks theme over at The Monthly Stitch, hence the title.

I’ve made a fair few of these in the past, so this was a nice, easy introduction into the New Year. The fabric was interesting though. It was a bargain find from a local, charity shop, presumably the off-cut from a Winter coat. I think it’s some kind of tweedy -wool-like fabric and it cost me the princely sum of £1.50 🙂 I thought its stiff texture would make a lovely Delphine because of its exaggerated A-one shape. I used Tilly’s online tutorial for adding a lining, essential I think with this rougher type fabric. Because I wasn’t up to venturing too far this week I made do with what I had in, hence the cream zip which isn’t quite perfect, but does the job. The lining I had in for a jacket and I’m hoping I’ve still got enough of it left…

And the cranberries? Well, it looked the right colour in the teabag…

And I couldn’t resist adding the ice because of the first bit of snow on the ground from yesterday. The monkeys made the best of it as they could with their baby snowman.

Jeans next… Gulp! #jeansjanuary


46 thoughts on “A Cranberry and Ice Delphine

  1. Ah, that’s what you used that fabric for! Bargain skirt – my favourite type. It’s a gorgeous colour and Lucie’s right, it does look lovely on you!

  2. A perfect fit and a gorgeous colour! Tilly’s tutorial for adding the lining is very good isn’t it. We’ve been coughing and wheezing for days so I can sympathise – hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Thank you! Have spent the morning in bed, can’t remember the last time I had a day off work..
      The lining tutorial is great, I was so pleased she added it for more Autumn/Winter appropriate fabrics. Really neat too 🙂

  3. Perfect fabric for that skirt and what a bargain! I’ve been making things for No.1 Son who is saving for a house deposit. A friend in the village was clearing out her studio and gave me loads of stuff. Boy, am I having fun with that! It’s even more satisfying when it’s hardly cost a penny, isn’t it?

      • Oh yes, I’ll share what I make. Was considering making ‘your’ purple wrap dress for the funeral next Friday, but don’t want to have sombre connotations every time I wear it! I don’t want to wear black and purple would be a good colour. Decisions, decisions.

      • Love how only you can rustle up some sewing so quickly. It’s quite a subtle purple so might be perfect. I always think an older death is something positive to celebrate, despite the obvious sadness so you might not be tainting it too much. And purple is the colour of kings so a very respectful colour too… Hope it goes ok whatever you decide to wear, with lots of happy tears at the memories as well as the sad ones! X.

    • Thanks Beth, I don’t always get the right fabric for a pattern but this was a perfect match 🙂
      Tried to go back to work today, but got sent home at lunch…I’m not a very good patient I’m afraid, far too much to do!

  4. Oh, dear me, I didn’t see the decimal point in the picture. Really couldn’t figure out where the bargain was at first. (Should have paid more attention to your text.) But I’ve got it now….wow! A bargain indeed, and very, very cute.

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