Simple Pleasures

Anyone else have a favourite, simple make? My guilty pleasure is knitting scarves. I like nothing better than hunkering down on the sofa of a Winter’s evening with a self-patterned yarn and knitting away, eager to see which colour comes through next 🙂

I made five such scarves for Christmas presents this year. Two for friends (top right), one for my sister-in-law (top left), one for my mother-in-law (below) and one for Sheila of Sewchet fame as part of her Stitching Santa parcel. You’ll have to hop over to her site for an image though sorry, as I totally forgot to take one of it before it got posted…


I’ve exhausted myself of scarves for now though (and run out of people to knit them for). I already have an alarming amount myself! My excuse is that we live in an old and very cold house and I’m sticking to it. To replace my simple, scarf knitting I’ve found a fab ‘Squishy Ted‘ pattern in Issue 119 of Knit Today. I’m hoping it will make both of my children a comfy, reading cushion. Here’s hoping it will make as satisfying a project as my trusty scarves 🙂




24 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. The scarves are lovely….and an old, cold house is certainly reason to keep cranking them out. But Squishy Ted! He is reasons to change it up for a while. What a cute pillow. What colors are using for your Teds?

  2. What a great concept – hadn’t realized my guilty pleasure was also crocheting scarves! I seem to be “cured” of that one, but every once in a while I still try my hand at a scarf… Your pillow is adorable and I’m sure your little monkeys will enjoy them a great deal!

  3. Your scarves are so fun! I have been thinking about re-visiting knitting this winter. I haven’t knitted anything for so long that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to do it! Squishy Ted is adorable. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. I’ve got a striped scarf on the go at the moment – but now I’ve see your self-patterned yarn I’m going to try one of those next. Any specific recommendations? Also, do you block? I’ve never done it before but everyone seems to.

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