Sewing Resolutions 2016 #sewingtop5s

So having been pleasantly surprised at how much progress I’d made since this time last year, here are my sewing goals for this one…

  1. Jackets and Jeans! I have a whole host of lovely jacket patterns at the ready and even have the appropriate fabric in my stash, so 2016s the year for this. And of course there’s #jeansjanuary!
  2. Active Wear and Underwear!Β I’ve been itching to attempt both of these areas for a while now after seeing so many other bloggers venture here. While bras seem to involve a whole lot of separate and expensive paraphernalia, pants seem pretty straightforward, so hopefully a good, starting point. Seamworks have two leggings patterns and two, suitable tops for sportswear, so time to utilise my subscription more πŸ™‚ Talking of which…
  3. Make more use of my sewing subscriptions! I subscribe to two print magazines, and one online magazine. Whilst I get a lot of enjoyment from just the flicking and reading parts, I need to justify these more. I’m thinking at least one make from one of these a month, but hoping they’ll overlap with the above.
  4. Get more sewing sociable!Β While I love the idea of joining a local sewing group, this is impractical on lots of different levels for me. Joining Instagram feels like a step in the right direction, as does taking part in sewing meet ups where possible, hello Yorkshire Spoolettes! Online challenges also sounds like a do-able way of getting more sociable? Keep hearing about Jungle January, anyone point me in the right direction on this one? And related to this…
  5. Participate in more monthly challenges over at The Monthly Stitch, despite joining some time ago, I think I’ve only ever managed two or three of them. Should be pretty easy to improve upon this…

So nothing too scary (apart from those jeans, but I’m in good company there so hopefully lots of help along the way…) and hopefully lots of practical but fun sewing ahead πŸ™‚

Phew! Finally completed my #sewingtopfives, hop over to Gillian’s site at crafting a rainbow for more details.


37 thoughts on “Sewing Resolutions 2016 #sewingtop5s

  1. A good set of resolutions – I might pinch your magazin one. I don’t think I have ever made up one of the free patterns from either if th sewing magazines I buy (apart from a tie which was a free download anyway). Good luck!

  2. Delightful to see your list ~ best wishes for your getting along with them this year! Have also got some jackets planned, so will read your posties with great interest. (A Morris, after the pattern gets taped up. And now have some appropriate fabric for SBCC’s Limoncello.) What are you planning?

  3. Good luck, I feel inspired reading everyones list to make my own but then I might have to have a plan, and I like living life on the edge! I don’t really, but maybe I should be a bit more organised. Good luck with yours πŸ™‚

  4. Great goals… I would like to explore jackets and jeans as well. I have made underwear (no bras though and I have everything to make one!) I have participated in Jungle January a few times- very fun and I highly recommend. Good luck on your goals this year!

  5. OMG I totally forgot about the monthly stitch! Ahhhh…..
    Utilising subscriptions is also a very good one… I get Love Sewing now that I’m (meant to be) blogging for Simple Sew. And I actually like a lot of the projects atm! πŸ™‚

  6. I really must either make more things out of the magazines I subscribe to, or cancel the subscriptions, too. Trouble is, I love looking through them, even if there’s nothing I want to make:)

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