#sewingtopfives: a year in review


Anyone else already shocked at how fast the first week of January’s gone? And despite the lack of G & Ts and wine so far? Surely the worst part of getting older: the ridiculous speeding up of time! I meant to get this post up far earlier so I’ll keep it brief…


This time last year my wardrobe was causing me serious stress, so I set myself specific targets to avoid sewing stuff I’d never wear and to fill the gaps instead. I gave myself both a practical list and a fun list, here goes…

I) The Practical List:

  1. Plain, black, pencil skirt -BHL Charlotte  – Not only done and dusted, but worn loads too 🙂
  2. Trousers for Work– while not quite ‘mastered’, certainly made good progress

3. RTW White shirts – bought and worn, but now I could probably have a good go myself 🙂

4. RTW Jeans – ditto the above, hello #jeansjanuary 🙂

The Fun List:

  1. Colette’s Mabel: ha! Laughed out loud when I read this, just about achieved this one…

2. Colette’s Moneta– not worn much granted, but done!

3. Colette’s Myrtle– I won’t torture you with photos again, but seriously need to revisit this one in the Spring.

4. Papercut’s Coppelia Cardigan – done and love! Worn lots for work despite my initial misgivings

5. Emery Dress– actually bought the material for this but never got round to it for some reason: this year!

So surprisingly not bad at all! I feel like I’ve made such progress with my sewing skills looking back at this, which is really gratifying, despite the odd disaster or two along the way!

Other highlights were participating in MeMadeMay, completing my RTW fast and taming my overlocker into relative submission 🙂

But by far the most fun event was participating in Chris #jumpintojune and she’s already roped me into #jeansjanuary, hop over to her site at handmadebychris for more details of how to join in too! Gingers at the ready!


#sewingtop5s is hosted by Gillian over at craftingarainbow, thank you Gillian! And yes, I’m still going! Resolutions next and then hopefully I can get on with some actual sewing 😉



22 thoughts on “#sewingtopfives: a year in review

  1. I really like that red Moneta. This is a pattern I’ve thought about trying as it looks so comfortable. Funnily enough it is very similar to the old RTW dress that I’ve just refashioned into a skirt!

  2. haha, I had to laugh out loud at the Mabels too. They could call you the Queen of Mabel, couldn’t they?
    But honestly, all your makes are looking really good and very you! Let’s hope for similar results with Jeans in January, ey?

    • Ha! I didn’t even include all of them…
      Here’s hoping the jeans will be just as good, eek! Need to get on and buy and prepare the fabric. The instructions and sew along look great though Chris, thanks for pushing me in their direction 🙂

  3. It’s great to have another look at some of these, especially the jumpsuit – brilliant pics! The Mabel obviously works for you, I hadn’t realised you made so many! I think you look great in red, but then I suppose I would, wouldn’t I?!

    • I need to embrace the red, New Year’s resolution maybe? 😉
      The jumpsuit photos make me laugh every time I see them, couldn’t resist showing them again. I fell off a fair few times whilst bouncing!

  4. I really want to make a list for this year – I feel a bit unfocussed right now! I love your red moneta (though I know what you mean about things that you like in theory but never seem to wear!) Also love the Coppelia cardigan.


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