This Modern Life…


Determined to finally catch up with modern life, like a few others on here in the last week or so, I’ve finally got round to joining Instagram. I’ve absolutely no idea how it all works, but just joining tonight felt like a step in the right direction… (and hopefully not just another drain on my time, yikes!)

I’ll be trying to find you all in the coming days, but if you’d like to find me first I’d quite frankly be delighted while I’m still attempting to find my feet. To be honest I haven’t a clue how I write my address (?) even, but I’ve registered as navybluethreads, using the same profile picture that I use for blogging, so I should be easily recognisable to you all. Any beginner’s advice may prove a godsend as I’m feeling totally clueless!


62 thoughts on “This Modern Life…

  1. Be warned, my joining of Instagram has led to a corresponding nosedive in blog posts! I suspect this is true of a lot of people. You can follow me @theunfinishedcrafter. Will try and find you!

  2. Instagram has taken over as my most favorite social medium. I’ve found it quite inspirational for my blog and sewing, plus fitness as well. Always a good thing! I’m headed there now to find you. Welcome to the modern life. 😊

      • I’m there right next to you.. Also, I type with one finger on my mobile (index finger, none of that two-thumbs technology the young ones employ), tongue sticking out with concentration plus I can’t seem to get a spell checker for English on my phone – makes me all feel very old!

  3. I love IG- I have been there for 3 years – 1057 posts. I love looking at what people are making AND doing! Plus, I love that I have my picture memories to look at. I have been getting my pictures turned into little books (chatbooks) so I can keep them physically as well. I am off to find you now. 🙂

  4. I really like it as it is so much quicker and easier than writing/reading blogs. I think for many people it is better than a blog if they mainly want to share pictures – you get lots of rapid feedback and you can have conversations.

  5. I’m on too but don’t look at it every day, just when I remember. So I’m a bit hit and miss when I follow people and add my own pics. Will see if I can find you! 😃

  6. Found you! I love seeing works in progress and finished projects mixed in with people’s family and social lives. And it alerts me when there’s a blog post to look out for! Look forward to seeing your pics!

    • Thanks Steph, I was hoping it would be useful for works-in-progress and troubleshooting. Checking in here first, but will hop over there later… My day off is going to pass in a blur today I feel!

  7. I found and followed you…..I am @ffynant. I have only three posts, and still haven’t replied (after months) because I just didn’t take the time to figure it out! Since I have such big sewing plans, hopefully I’ll master it soon. See you on IG! 🙂

    • Fab! We can work it out together. I had no idea how to reply either! Hoping to figure it out later… Visiting my 14 yr old niece this weekend, so may get her to give me a tutorial 😉

  8. Found you!! The quickest way to locate people is look up someone that you know and click on who they follow and who follows them. You’ll quickly gather a whole load of familiar bloggers. Welcome! It’s obscenely addictive!

  9. Hello! I joined instagram last year and never got anywhere with it, but others seem to love it so much, I set a goal to get to grips with it this year. Haven’t had a chance yet, and at the in laws right now, so I’ll read your comments section and track you down next week and maybe we can stumble through the dark together as we get the hang of it. I’m @Dartmooryarns if you’re looking 🙂

  10. I joined many moons ago but didn’t do anything with it. You’ve inspired me to try again so I’ve just reset my password and tried to find you and Thimberlina but can’t find anybody. Already wasted 15 minutes doing that and my patience level is low so grateful for any tips. Like you, I’m not really keen to have any more time sapping activities on the computer (I’ve got online shops so am already on here far too much) but sometimes I don’t feel like writing a whole blog post so thought Instagram might fill the gaps. We’ll see….

      • I tried to find you and couldn’t. I did find Bekki of Dartmoor Yarns. I’m @thetialys but haven’t put anything on there yet. I’ve just been Skyping with my daughter and she says it’s not really designed for computers – mainly phones, iPads, etc. – so it’s not so easy to find your way around. I don’t really use my phone for browsing, social media etc. and only use the iPad when my other daughter is hogging the desktop so it might not be for me. I’ll give it another try on another day.

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