The Hits! #sewingtop5s


Well, first up had to be my Coco dresses. These two are easily the most worn of my memades this year. They work for just as well for casual, weekend wear with a cardigan slung over, as they do for work with a jacket thrown over. I still have slight misgivings about the lack of support around my middle section, but a ‘fuller’ pair of pants and a more supportive pair of tights pretty much do the trick πŸ˜‰ And this fear certainly doesn’t stop me wearing them.

My SeamworksAstorias get almost as much wear. I love this style, it feels totally ‘me’. I also think it was whilst making these that I truly discovered the benefits of better quality fabrics. Sometimes cheaper fabrics can be fab, and maybe it’s my inability to spot the good ones, or match them up well (see my first attempt at this pattern in my duds of the year for evidence), but for me spending a little more really makes the difference.

Thirdly, I’m selecting my upgraded jacket from the Summer, not strictly a memake from scratch, but I adjusted it so much I’m going to include it. I love this jacket and how (with a lot of help from you guys) I managed to rescue it from the charity bag. See original post for before photos if you missed it. (Anyone else struggling with links since they updated WordPress?)

In at number four is the very popular Simplicity 1609, my 60s shift dress. Happily this was the fabric I was gifted in last year’s stitching Santa swap. It’s a special occasion dress, but one of those that got commented on a lot, and that I was proud to have made myself πŸ™‚ Interestingly, last year’s version – my Galloping Horses dress-made it into my top five last year too, so definetly just as much of a TNT pattern for me as it is for many other sewers out there.

I found my last pick harder to call, but eventually settled for this pairing: New Look’s K6217. This was a freebie, multi-itemed pattern that came with a magazine and one of those patterns that didn’t really look very interesting upon first glance, but the side split skirt is very ‘me’ again, and I loved the ease of the matching t-shirt style top. They work well separately, but I love this pairing together for work. Again, I chose a really lovely, crepe material for this and it’s beautiful to wear. Not sure why I haven’t repeated both of these looking back, maybe this Spring?

So lots of dresses and knit fabrics unsurprisingly πŸ˜‰ Clearly, I like comfort and ease! What is surprising is that there are no stand-out skirts this year. My last choice does include a skirt pattern but looks more like a dress with the matching top, definitely something to rectify for the new year…

I’ve really enjoyed following everyone else’s #sewingtop5s, if you haven’t already joined in head over to Gillian’s blog at Crafting a Rainbow for more details.

Happy New Year!




43 thoughts on “The Hits! #sewingtop5s

  1. Have enjoyed your blog & comments so very much this past year, and just ordered a pattern after seeing it on Gillian’s blog, so thank you for the recommendation. (Yes, I know you’ve mentioned her before, but repetition does help!) 😊

  2. Love all your hits! it’s been a pleasure watching your progress this past year; these are a good representation of your lovely me-mades. Your sewing journey has largely matched much of my own. I think I bought my overlocker the same time as you so it’s been fun watching you go from strength to strength and discovering that we’ve faced some common challenges along with the successes. Wishing you a lovely and and creative 2016!

  3. These are all fabulous makes for 2015! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you make in 2016 πŸ™‚ Seeing your Coco’s again has reminded me that I need to buy the pattern t some point! Ha!

  4. Some lovely makes. I particularly like your cocos and I’ve decided I’m going to buy the pattern soon – even if it does mean wearing Bridget Jones style pants!

  5. Gorgeous selection. I love your Astorias (I feel similarly about my Bonnie’s!). The refashioned jacket was a triumph, and I love the sleek look of the black skirt and top. A cracking year’s work!! Looking forward to seeing what’s coming this year!

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