Christmas Holidays #sundaysevens


Happy Christmas holidays everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely festive couple of days, without too much of a mince pie or mulled wine- induced hangover…

Whilst I think I’d find it impossible to keep up with a weekly #sundaysevens, I always enjoy joining in every school holiday. Head over to Nat’s site at Threads and Bobbins to find out more about Sunday sevens, a weekly, photo diary celebrating the smaller things in life πŸ™‚

On Sunday I enjoyed some Christmas crafting with the monkies. My daughter particularly enjoyed making this Santa from an old kit that came free with a magazine some time ago. Nice to see him finally come to life. On MondayΒ I nipped out to the local supermarket for a few bits and pieces, and couldn’t resist these festive tights for her either.

Both monkies enjoyed a little more Christmas crafting on Tuesday, making one of these mobiles each (a bargain at just Β£1 each from Book Sale) as well as some paper garlands to decorate our kitchen. By Wednesday I was itching to get a bit of sewing done, so embarked on these simple, lavender bags to include in some family presents.

On Christmas Eve the monkies and I escaped the mayhem (leaving husband to wrap up the presents and to enjoy a rare bit of peace and quiet) to see a fantastic production of Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart at the relatively new theatre and arts centre Home in Manchester. A copy of said book might have found its way into my son’s stocking.

And no prizes for which present I might have reached for first from under the tree on Christmas morning … πŸ˜‰ Will post about later in the week, but suffice to say it was worth the wait. Thank you #stitchingsanta!


Boxing Day left us desperate for some fresh air, so we headed off to a local park. Although we luckily escaped any flooding here in South Manchester, there were plenty of puddles for the monkies to jump over on the way. The factory where my husband works over Bolton-way hasn’t quite come off so luckily: it’s currently under two foot of water! My thoughts and best wishes go out to anyone else who’s in the painful process of clearing up, yet again.







24 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays #sundaysevens

  1. Glad you’ve escaped, at home at least. It’s been horrific hasn’t it? I too reached for my stitchingsanta pressie first!! Sooooo glad I joined in this year, not sure why I didn’t last year, likely because I felt too new to blogging even tho I’d been at it a year!! πŸ˜€

  2. Glad you weren’t affected by the flooding at home, my heart goes out to those who were. With the factory flooded, does that mean your husband will have an extended break? What a crafty week you had in the run up to Christmas and how amazing to go to the theatre on Christmas Eve! Looking forward to your #stitchingsanta post – as the person who organised it, I thought my post took priority over a Sunday Sevens post this week:)

    • He’s heading over there tomorrow to check out the extent of the damage. Luckily it was just the factory, I don’t think there were any homes impacted at least in this area… About to check my reader now πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your week and lovely makes by your sweet monkeys. Hope all goes well with your husband’s trip to work tomorrow. Am sad so many people here and there have had such bad weather, but very grateful so many friends have been spared. Will look forward to your post later this week!

    • Thanks Del, he’s not exactly looking forward to going in later, but wants to show his face in support. The fire fighters were busy yesterday as they have chemicals there too… Already planning my trip up to the Lakes in the Spring to support their tourism. They’ve had it very bad there 😦

      • Oh no, didn’t realize the Lake district was also affected, but then my geo knowledge for over there is limited to what I’ve read about or seen on telly. Do hope recovery goes smoothly and the rains STOP!

  4. Well done finding time for a Sunday Sevens. I do miss being crafty with the kids before Christmas. Such fun. Good to hear you’ve avoided the flooding – so heart breaking so many people haven’t.

    • Christmas somehow ‘fell’ right this year, so a few days to enjoy some simple crafting and getting them into the Christmas spirit.
      The flooding has been awful, again! Can’t believe more hasn’t been done by the government or local councils to protect those suffering yet again 😦

    • The next best thing to doing some sewing myself πŸ˜‰ We’ve had a lovely time, but still have relatives staying so no sewing for a while yet. Hope you’ve had a good one too and your girls had fun.

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