Top Five Children’s Makes #sewingtop5s

Before this year, I’d only really experimented here and there with children’s wear. And to be honest the results were pretty varied. The problem is that you can buy children’s clothing pretty reasonably and they do have a habit of growing bloody quickly, overnight sometimes it feels like!

But this year, with a little extra thought and a very good tutor (thank you Ministry of Craft in Manchester), I’ve made children’s items that I’m actually very proud of. And hopefully because I’ve made them pretty big they’ll last more than one season…

I thought they deserved a section of their own, so here’s my top five:

I couldn’t possibly start with anything else. These shirts for my best boy are my most accomplished makes ever, both inside and out πŸ™‚ I love them and my son loves them, simples! He’s worn them both loads and I really enjoy overhearing him proudly telling people if they comment on them, that his Mummy (or Mum depending on who he’s talking to…) made them for him.

Next up had to be two for my daughter then… Firstly, this sweatshirt dress was made from the leftovers from one of my many Astorias. This is really cosy and comfy, so has had plenty of wear. It’s also really easy to match up with pretty much all of her wardrobe. On the right is my favourite make of the year for her: her lovely, Liberty pinafore. I’m not sure the photo does the baby cord print justice, but it’s a kind of folk print, featuring traditionally dressed ladies and a variety of woodland creatures: just beautiful! I really want to get this in some other colour ways. Both of these patterns were featured in Love SewingΒ Β magazine, so justifying my subscription too πŸ™‚


And lastly, I couldn’t resist sharing this cheeky shot of my son again in his Paxson top from Colette’s Seamworks magazine. My first attempt at sewing for him, after I was told off for not having made him anything when his sister got loads! Whoops! I think I’ve just about redeemed myself by now…

Join in the fun of reviewing your makes via Gillian’s Crafting a Rainbow blog. And if you missed my last post listing my top five duds of the year, it’s really worth a visit if you fancy a giggle…

24 thoughts on “Top Five Children’s Makes #sewingtop5s

  1. I’m seriously impressed! Not just with your skill at sewing (those shirts are fantastic!) but also with the fact that you can name your post “top five children’s makes”! This must mean you have quite a selection of children’s clothes to choose from! I haven’t made a single item of clothing for mine, unless you count very hastily put together fancy dress! Well done you!

  2. I did giggle when I read the ‘duds’ post – we’ve all got those but are seldom brave enough to acknowledge our failures, let alone broadcast them to the world!! You are right to be proud of these, though – they are incredible:)

    • Actually felt quite therapeutic to put them all together for the post. And although I didn’t find them funny at the time, far from it, now they’re hilarious! The projects in this post were much more fun to make πŸ™‚

  3. These are beautiful, I never considered making clothes for my boys other than a few knitted baby items when they were small. Your shirts are amazing, though perhaps skittle tricky for my skill levels at the moment. Perhaps one day …

  4. Aw, lovely makes! I so wish I’d have made H some things when he was smaller, I’d need too much fabric now! I bet they love starring on your blog, they definitely steal the show! πŸ™‚

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