Sewing Duds! #sewingtop5s

So, here’s my little Christmas gift to you all 🙂 It’s my top five sewing flops of the year: prepare yourself and enjoy a giggle!

First up is my first attempt at the Seamworks Astoria: aka my incredible, red hulk top! Dear god this was tight! And shiny! And far too short! Hmmm, thank heavens there was a silver lining to this one in that I now have a whole host of beautifully fitting Astorias. If at first you don’t succeed…

Secondly was this effort at using up fabric scraps right at the end of my stash diet. Well, things were getting desperate! The front view was actually rather nice, but the fabric I matched it up with was a horror, despite that beauty of a zip. Oh, well you have to try don’t you?

Mmmmm, this was a dud due to bad fit! It came out huge and the colour really wasn’t me. Another one that made it into the charity bag…

The navy trousers were my first attempt at trouser fitting and came up far too small, despite my best efforts to adjust them and squeeze into them for these photos. It did result in finding a trouser pattern that I liked though, so there’s that…

And finally I saved this beauty until last…

Oh, yes in all its glory! Amazed I can still make something this bad! This was a shocker in every sense: wrong fabric, awful gathering, drab colours and a rubbish finish! Well, if you’re going to cock up, you might as well do it properly!

Have a favourite? Do join in the end of year fun via Gillian’s blog at Crafting a Rainbow. Can you beat my final entry? Go on, share the giggles 🙂




40 thoughts on “Sewing Duds! #sewingtop5s

  1. Thank you for being so enthusiastic about these “winners” and helping me to feel not-so-bad about all mine, which are languishing in deep, dark holes. Hope you & your cute monkeys are enjoying the winter break! 🎄🎄

  2. I remember that red Astoria and thinking it wasn’t too bad… I don’t remember it being so shiny! Good job for carrying on and ending up with a new tried and true pattern, though!

  3. Appreciate sharing the less successful sewing results from 2015…and so good to hear that you didn’t necessarily stop at one bad result!

  4. Success is not final, failure not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
    Quote from Winston Churchill.
    You are very brave to show us, you`ve made very lovely outfits in the past. It happens to the best of us at times.

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