The Liberty #Seamworks Bristol Skirt


I was so looking forward to using the first of my Liberty fabrics purchased on a recent trip to London. And I’d thought that this ‘simple’ skirt pattern from issue five of Colette Seamworks magazine would be a perfect match, but I’m so disappointed! 😦

The Bristol is a simple, elasticated waist skirt, with a full skirt and ‘secret pocket’ under its centre panel. However in the marketing shots, it looks far more stylish than it does ‘in the flesh’. Maybe it’s the style that doesn’t suit me (my hips especially) or maybe I matched it with the wrong fabric, a combination of the two? The recommended fabrics were anything lightweight such as ‘rayon, silk challis, light twill or charmeuse’. I think my lovely, Liberty fabric (a wool mix I think, but fairly fluid and light) is just a little too heavy for it…

These were also the most confusing instructions I’ve come across from a Seamworks pattern. The pockets were constructed first and seemed straightforward enough to start off with, but attaching the rather unattractively named ‘pocket bag’ took a lot of trial and error before I finally cracked it. And the instructions for the waistband seemed even more impossible. They recommended you to prepare the elastic first, inserting it into the waistband fully stretched (!) before attaching it to the body of the skirt. I did try, but it looked so messy that I unpicked the elastic and just improvised, reverting to the method I’d used for the very first skirts I ever made, attaching the empty waistband first, but for leaving a small, unstitched channel and then feeding the elastic through with a safety pin, before stitching it and only then finishing the gap.

Teri did warn me about the pockets,  but I thought I’d give them a go and see for myself. I really should have listened harder Teri! While they look cute on the Seamworks model, on me I’m totally non-plussed. While they raise the skirt in the style stakes above a simple, elasticated design to something more pretty and elegant in theory, in reality I’m not sure of the point of them either.

It’s typical that this had to happen to my first Liberty, dressmaking project. But still, it’s been a while since I made a bit of a dud! And it’s not a total disaster, just a bit underwhelming. I’ll probably end up wearing it to work, rather than for a meal out. After my shirt-making adventures, I’m pretty disappointed with the finish of the internal waistband in particular. There are a lot of raw edges and I’m wishing I’d have thought ahead to cover this up somehow. I’m thinking of covering them with something, but clearly it’s going to sit on my waist so I want to avoid anything scratchy like lace or ribbon. Maybe a velvet ribbon sewn by hand would do the trick? Any ideas, as always, most welcome 🙂



Holiday #Sunday Sevens

It feels like a very long time since I last shared my week with you. I still enjoy following everyone elses’s each Sunday/Monday though! Does that mean I’m naturally nosy? 😉 The kids and I were lucky to be heading back to Celtic Manor near Cardiff, which was a lovely break away from what seems like the never-ending jobs around the house I’ve been doing lately.

#Sunday Sevens is a (usually) weekly roundup of your life in photo form. Head over to its creator Nat’s blog to find out more, or even join in yourself!


When we arrived on Sunday, the monkeys were keen to know which lodge we were staying in this year; last year it was the ‘Fiesty Falcon‘, this year it was, well…  see the above 🙂 On Monday night we celebrated my dad’s 74th birthday, what better way to debut my son’s new shirt? (still very proud sorry)


The main hotel had lots of fun activities for the children to join in with. So on Tuesday we signed up for pumpkin carving. Although scooping out the seeds took quite some time, they were delighted with their final pumpkin designs. By Wednesday my new knitting project (just a simple scarf) was growing nicely. The changing colours in this kind of yarn never cease to delight the kid in me.


Still not tired of this beautiful view by Thursday. And just before we left on Friday, the monkeys attempted and conquered Forest Jump. The photo, above right, is my very brave boy on some scarily, high ropes. I was so relieved that my sister-in-law volunteered to go up with him! Instead I tried the junior version with my daughter, which was bad enough, and unlike my children, I by no means conquered it, ending up in some very inelegant positions – no photos sorry!


And I’ll end with this photo of how we found my daughter’s room on Saturday. Clearly she was glad to be home and celebrated with an impromptu toys’ tea party and story reading session.

Hope everyone else had a good week too,