The Liberty Pinafore

After a pretty disappointing result from my first, much loved piece of Liberty fabric (the Seamworks Bristol skirt, see here), rescued slightly by the top I just about managed to squeeze out of it, I’ve been putting off using the rest of it… But when the latest issue of Love Sewing (20) popped through my letter box I knew that the very sweet Girl’s Folk Pinafore would be the perfect design for the baby needlecord I purchased for my daughter.

It’s as an easy-fit, simple design which I thought would perfectly showcase the beautiful fabric. I cut the L (age 8-9) which has come out pretty loose on her as you can see in the photos, but this is perfect for getting a couple of years’ wear out of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets upset at the thought of a homemade garment only fitting for a year (or sometimes even shorter) when you make something for children!

The instructions were really clear and despite not being a fan of facings, I was impressed by how this came together, neatly hiding the straps beneath. Normally I’d want to anchor the facings down in a couple of places, but there are no fine threads to catch in this fabric, so I might just have to let it be. Because of the slightly heavier weight they do sit pretty nicely to be honest and it’s not me wearing it 😉

I toyed with the idea of completing the front pocket in a contrasting fabric and found the perfect navy blue (of course) cord in my drawers. But when I experimented with placing it on the front it gave the dress a totally different look, much more modern, which is great sometimes, but I resisted. Both of my children are on the cusp of ‘growing up‘ and I just want to hold on to them being young children for a little longer, so traditional won out! I used the same fabric instead, which kind of becomes invisible, but it’s there should her hands get cold or if she wants to collect conkers or whatever. I also resisted adding various buttons, even though I have loads that matched perfectly. Plain and simple just seems to work with this, and my daughter agrees: she absolutely loves it 🙂



38 thoughts on “The Liberty Pinafore

  1. This dress is so cute! As always, your daughter looks so happy to be wearing something you made her. I love the print on that corduroy– I was considering ordering some for myself but I have resisted since I don’t know what I would make from it. It’s so perfect for a girl’s dress!

  2. I also agree that wherever possible, children should make the most of being children – it seems to happen so rarely now. Love this Liberty (obviously) and I’m not surprised your daughter loves it, definitely a good thing that she’ll be able to keep wearing it for a couple of years too 🙂

  3. So adorable! The perfect little pinafore for that folk art fabric and what a great, happy smile it puts on your little one’s face. She is lucky to have such a handy mom to keep her in lovely little outfits as she grows (yes, way too fast…)

  4. This is beautiful fabric and the pinafore looks lovely, perfect for winter! There was a lovely article in the Guardian today about a liberty print dress that the writer’s mother made for her – definitely worth reading – your dress reminds me of it!


  5. Such a pretty, but wearable, dress! Well done on yet more selfless sewing. I know what you mean about making things that won’t be grown out of too quickly. My ten year old daughter has grown three inches since February so I’m quite glad I haven’t made her any clothes!

  6. Lovely fabric and your daughter looks adorable in her new pinafore! I agree, they grow so quickly, children need to be children for as long as possible!

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