Simple Sew Cross-Over Back Blouse #015


This top is a little of a departure for me in terms of style, but it still really appealed. I’ve seen lots of similar styles in the shops and sometimes it’s just nice to try something new isn’t it? I had my reservations about its slightly boxy shape, but because of its lighter-weight fabric, I thought it might just work. I’m not sure if you can purchase Simple Sew patterns independently, but they come free with Love Sewing magazine here in the UK.

I really struggled with ‘going out’ tops during MMMade earlier this year, so this was another good reason to try this style. I was determined to salvage another make out of my beautiful, Liberty material that came up just a little bit short of the mark in my last make, but no matter how hard I tried I just didn’t quite have enough for this. However a good rummage through my fabric drawers produced this lovely crepe, left over from these makes, that seemed both a similar weight and a good colour match. I think it works really well as a contrast fabric, and (almost) looks like a purposeful choice…

The instructions, in the main, were great. It’s labelled as a ‘beginner’ level style, and I think this is pretty accurate. The construction of the facings was a little bit jigsaw-like, but in terms of size, rather than difficulty. I’ve noted here before that I’m not a fan of facings though, so I purposefully used mine as bias binding pieces instead, folding them in on themselves to form a neater finish internally.

Just before I finished the sleeve facings, I tried it on Betty. Sure enough it looked pretty huge and too boxy. I’d cut a size 10 to be on the safe side, but if I sew this up again, I’ll definitely be trimming it down to an 8 and taking a little off the length. I unpicked the hem facings at each side and took the side seams in by an good inch each (from under the sleeves which were actually fine), before reattaching them. I then attempted to ‘pull’ in the back a little, both for security and for stability. I really didn’t want this flapping open whilst wearing it! And I still might wear it with a camisole underneath for extra coverage.


These adjustments did make a difference, as I hope you can make out in the photos. Whilst it’s probably not the most flattering style on me, I’m actually pretty pleased with it just because it’s a little different. I think it’ll probably get more wear in the day (no doubt with a chunky cardigan over the top until Spring) than at night, but I can still see myself getting a fair bit of wear out of this šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Simple Sew Cross-Over Back Blouse #015

  1. I always wanted to know how this top comes out. Looks lovely! I am going to have to have a go. I am also a teacher but am on sick leave at th moment but doing lots of sewing, maybe early retirement will give me the opportunity to pursue this addictive hobby. I would also love to sew a shirt but am not confident to try a collar. Any tips- you have made some great ones. Which pattern would be good to try for a womans shirt ( I am in my 50’s)?

    • Hi Jane! Thank you, I was surprisingly pleased with this, but would make a couple of adjustments if I attempted it again. Only ever sewn up a boys’ shirt sorry (and with a lot of help from a course), but I hear the Grainline Archer is a popular woman’s version…What better way of spending your time off/out with a little therapeutic sewing šŸ™‚

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