RTW Fast, Two Month Treats


Hurrah! I’ve managed to go a whole two months without purchasing anything RTW. To celebrate, I put in another, little order to Guthrie and Ghani. I also purchased the lovely fox and anchor fabrics for my son’s two shirts, see here and here if you haven’t already seen them (still very proud sorry). The above two I purchased originally to have another attempt at Tilly’s Agnes top, after my last attempt didn’t quite go to plan…

However while the inky-spotted fabric would make a perfect Agnes, the black-and-white-striped fabric is much thicker than I’d anticipated, so I’ve changed my plans accordingly. Despite my misgivings about how flattering my Coco dress was around my middle section, I’ve been surprised to find myself reaching for it again and again. I guess comfort won out on this one 🙂 So as this is the perfect weight for another, I’m going to go ahead and make one! One of you was kind enough to send me a link to a blogger who’d added bust darts to her version of the Coco, so I’ll definetly be looking back at this again. I do also think that the solid, black blackground of this fabric will be far more flattering than the off-white of my previous one, despite the horizontal stripes.

Next Friday my school, like many others up and down the country, will be celebrating Children-in-Need day (an annual, televised charity event for those of you outside of the UK) which requires us to wear onesies (errr, never going to happen) or pyjamas to school. Unfortunately I really don’t think I have a pair that are passable for wearing out in public and I promise I have had a good look through. Now, I’ve given this a lot of thought and while I could have purchased some flannel fabric (harder to source than I’d thought) to sew myself a pair of pj trousers to match either my failed Agnes or my Savannah camisole, this kind of seemed almost as frivolous as buying RTW ones as it wasn’t part of my reward pile. So I’ve given myself permission to buy a pair and a matching fleecy gown. In my defence I’ve purchased a pair that I don’t think I could have actually sewn and this is a considered purchase not a rash one. Am I forgiven?

The last rather random shot below (and OK, yes I might be trying to change the subject super fast) is a very cute selection of knitted toys that D (our lovely reprographics lady), who helps with our knitting club at school, bought in on Friday to show us. I thought I’d share them with you too 🙂



21 thoughts on “RTW Fast, Two Month Treats

  1. Sweet toys and good luck with children in need. Never forget my middle son running by himself round the school field in fancy dress for children in need, long before others took up the charity in the village. Was so proud of him. All his own idea.

    • It’s been going a long time now, hadn’t it? I remember doing some sort of ‘soak the teacher’ activity back when I was at school. I think I get off lightly just having to wear my pjs out and about, which I actually enjoy (as long as I don’t have to stop for petrol on the way in)…

    • Thank you, I guess I could have just donated the money to charity but I will donate something anyway. I feel like Christmas has come early, with these snuggly buys, the only time I usually treat myself to something like this 🙂

  2. So many young people (and some not-so-young) run around here in flannel pj bottoms all the time, you could wear them out and not ever be noticed. Sooooo, I say that you have a very good excuse to go comfort all the way, all the day!

  3. Perfectly acceptable purchase as it’s for a good cause. Bah humbug to the teachers that don’t join in! Just carry a Pudsey Bear with you at all times, then in an emergency petrol-or-whatever stop no one will bat an eyelid at the PJs:)

  4. Congratulations on surviving two months without RTW! Looking forward to seeing your new makes with that lovely fabric. I really must get myself the Coco pattern – I know I’d wear it a lot. Good luck with your next Agnes! Oh, and you’re totally forgiven about the PJ’s! That doesn’t count 😉

    • 🙂 I’ve conquered the Coco, but unlike everyone else I still need to master the Agnes and the Myrtle, funny how we all have our ‘sticking points’. The Coco is a really great, everyday basic, totally worth the outlay 🙂

    • Aren’t they? thought they might encourage my daughter to persevere beyond a few rows if she knows she can actually make something. I have a slightly easier version of the pattern to try with her 🙂

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