All About The Boy


Knowing how easily I forget stuff, I was keen to get started on shirt no 2 as soon as possible. Luckily my day off came just before the second session of my recent, shirt-making course, so I was able to get a fair bit of this second version completed beforehand (just in case I needed rescuing).

I worked carefully through each stage, thankfully remembering it all pretty well, even the shoulder yoke bit, which was a bit of a blur if I’m honest. And I actually surprised myself by enjoying the completion of each stage, really taking my time and pressing carefully at each point. Moving the ironing board up to the spare room where I sew made such a difference with this: I have well and truly taken over up there now!

The collar proved a bit trickier this time. My first attempt just looked ‘off’ somehow. It was only when I compared it to my first version that I realised I’d got the collar piece and the collar stand pieces the wrong way round. I very, very carefully unpicked it all, and luckily nothing came off the worse for it, before reattaching it the right way round. I was a bit worried as this fabric (a Japanese, double gauze cotton) felt quite delicate to handle, but it turned out fine.

image image

It’s a beautiful fabric and I can’t wait to sew up something for myself in something similar. However it behaved quite differently from the crisp cotton I’d used previously. The pocket, which I was so pleased with last time, just wouldn’t sit quite so neatly. I unpicked it once to get it better, but it’s still just a little wonky. The course tutor suggested that it might sit better after washing, as the fabric has a more laundered effect.

I got up to the button hole stage before the second part of the course. This was the bit I was most nervous about, so I was pretty relieved I’d got this far beforehand. Because I was the only person completing a smaller, child’s version I was able to complete both sets of button holes alongside the others on the course. On my fox shirt they went in perfectly using the automatic button hole foot, but on this fabric, it wasn’t quite so easy. I had to unpick one that went wrong, before getting them right (again, with a little help from the tutor).

I’m really pleased with the finished results. There are certainly still a couple of areas to work on, but all-in-all I’ve surprised myself again. I think accepting that a project is going to take a little longer, and breaking it down into manageable stages is the key here. That said, I can’t wait to get back to seeing a little something for myself, and probably something a lot simpler…


A couple of mean and moody shots to finish with, but as you can see there’s a smile itching to break through, bless him!

32 thoughts on “All About The Boy

  1. I`m all with Corrine about: you definitely deserve a nice and shiny new project for yourself. The shirt is really impressive too, just as no 1! Maybe you are going to make one for yourself? 😉

    • Thank you! I don’t actually wear too many shirts though, but I do seem to remember a collarless one popping up somewhere, which might be more like it… How’s yours coming alongside? Is he pleased with it?

      • Yes he is, I too had to make a second one. However, I really hate ironing with a passion, so wearing T-shirts is a lot better to avoid ironing. Guess I have to teach him how to do ironing himself now

  2. Wow you are on a roll. Check out Andrea’s of four square walls method of putting a collar together, make it much easier to get it right first time. Isnt that Japanese double guaze lovely, you definitely deserve some for yourself.

  3. What a fantastic job and the fabric is perfect. Can’t wait to see what you decide to make in the similar fabric for you.

    • 🙂 That just made me laugh out loud Lucie, I hadn’t even noticed until this message! Will take a look at ‘correcting’ later and please don’t worry, I’ve done something similar myself in the past!

  4. Love the mean and moody shots at the end (awww!) You deserve a gold star for unselfish sewing Teresa, great work! I also found double gauze a tricky customer when it comes to shirt making. My collar didn’t turn out looking crisp and I also had problems with my buttonholes. The finished result looked fine (as does your lovely boy’s version) but I probably won’t use it for a shirt again! x

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