The Seamworks Paxson


My son pointed out a month or so ago that I’d never actually sewn him anything, and it was about time that I did! That’s me told! It’s funny, I’d always kind of presumed that he was a bit too old and ‘cool’ to be wearing Mummy-makes, but I guess I was wrong… I had done some appliquΓ© work on a sweatshirt for him in the past, see here, but nothing from scratch. So I was delighted when this month’s Seamworks magazine was dedicated to menswear. And on closer inspection the XS was pretty much his size πŸ™‚ Kind of scary too though, I wish they’d both stop growing so fast!

The Paxson is kind of like a mini-version of my recent favourite: the Astoria. But with a raglan sleeve and elbow patches, which were both fun to try out. I had just about enough (with a slightly shorter sleeve length) sweatshirting leftovers from my cream Astoria. And I used some very small pieces of the navy sweatshirting from this Astoria. I love it when a plan comes together πŸ™‚ Half way through though, I was wishing I’d cut the collars, cuffs and waistband in the contrasting navy too, but maybe it looks smarter this way round?

image image

It was funny reversing our usual positions: me behind the camera and Z out front. He was pleased to be having his photos taken for a change πŸ™‚ And he was delighted to have such a snuggly top for the cooler months. I’m pretty delighted myself, that it turned out so ‘modern’ for him, rather than cutesy. And even better, because of the neutral colour way, I’m hoping once he’s outgrown it, it’ll be great for W too.

He made me feel so guilty for never having sewn him anything before, that I’ve also booked myself on a two-part, shirt making course at The Ministry of Craft in Manchester, although as it draws nearer, it’s the first course that’s actually made me feel a little nervous beforehand. Hopefully, my skills will be up to the challenge, fingers crossed!

And because a blog post from me really wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory hands-on-hips pose, I’ll leave you with these shots… What better way to show off his new elbow patches?

image image


42 thoughts on “The Seamworks Paxson

  1. Such a handsome young man in his new sweatshirt! Great poses, too, especially with tongue out – typical boy. :-p I didn’t know he was your picture-taker, nice to see such talent early on. And I’ve no doubt you’ll ace the shirt sewing class.

  2. Haha! The last photo shows his cheeky side, never a dull moment I bet in your house! I think I’ll have to print it off and make one for H. Yours looks fab, it’s scary when they start getting into small men’s sizes 😳

  3. This really turned out well! I made a few sweatshirts for my boys, but they came out a lot boxier and I have to say I prefer the more streamlined look a lot!
    My son has ordered a white shirt (he really wants a suit with tie – not school uniform style but banker style… I said no, that’s all a bit too neo-con for a 12year old in my opinion πŸ™‚ ) So we can be partners in crime once again, this time making boys’ shirts!

    • Was actually worried when I cut it out that it would come up too small, maybe because of it being a ‘not-too-stretchy’ knit. Think they rec’d a pretty stretchy one… Shirt-making course this Saturday and pretty nervous to be honest. I think there are only five booked on it though, so hopefully lots of teacher attention, think I could need a lot of hand-holding! Be fun to share the process together. I think my course is to make a bowling-shirt design…

    • Thanks Corrine, not sure about my husband though! He doesn’t buy an awful lot of clothes, but does like his brands when he does. Maybe if I neglect him long enough too, he’ll be requesting a make or two though… πŸ™‚

  4. This looks great! Your son is a very handsome model! I love the picture where he’s sticking out his tongue. I considered making this sweatshirt for my husband, but he is so hot all of the time that he rarely wears anything long sleeved. (The only thing I’ve managed to sew him is a pair of pajama shorts!) I think you will do great at the shirt making class. I’ve only made two proper button down shirts but I really enjoyed the process of making them. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    • Thank you! The heat is one thing we rarely worry about here πŸ˜‰ I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone’s recent shirt-making efforts but had dismissed it as out of my skills range so I was delighted when I spotted this πŸ™‚ Hopefully the small class size will be perfect for lots of ‘hand holding’ from the tutor…

  5. He’s too cute in that, specially the last piccie. (But “cute” is probably the last thing he’d appreciate!) But you’re a mum, so you understand. I hope. πŸ˜‰ (Great that you could use some leftover fabric, too.)

  6. How nice to see a bit more of your family and what a good looking boy your son is too. (Is he going red now?). I’ll bet you wouldn’t find a sweatshirt like that in any shop, the elbow patch detail really makes a difference and takes it up a notch. From leftovers too – bargain!

    • Thanks Sheila, not quite old enough to go too red at the moment, but he’s on the cusp of it! Actually very scary that he fitted into this XS adult’s size so well. I love the elbow detail too, think I’ll be running up a few more of these πŸ™‚

  7. Wow I love this and I can tell he does too. The elbow patches match his shirt nicely! I think it would have looked great with a blue collar, neckline and hems but it also looks great like this. It’s so smart and looks like the kind of thing you’d buy in topman! πŸ˜€

  8. My boy asked me to make him something a few years back, a quilt, and I haven’t. I must get to this ASAP before he grows up a little more and wants nothing to do with ‘mommy makes’. It’s easy to think our boys wouldn’t be interested in something we might make them. This is a good reminder. You did a wonderful job!

    • Thank you! It felt really good for him to be so pleased with it too. This was a great pattern, and with my Seamworks subscription I can print out bigger and bigger sizes as he gets older πŸ™‚

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