Look who’s finally been to Liberty’s…


Oh, yes! Finally! This is my reward to myself for ‘surviving’ the first month of my self-imposed RTW fast 🙂 Well, if I was going to really treat myself, then where else could I have headed? To be honest it was a treat in itself just visiting the store. We don’t get weekends away without the monkeys very often, so shopping trips to London are rare indeed. And the only thing I purchased? Fabric!

After much deliberation, I settled on these three beauties. The first a knit: white bluebells on a navy background which I’m hoping to finally conquer the Colette Myrtle with (and maybe have a little left over for a skirt or top). I’ve seen so many beautiful, wearable versions of this dress (hello Lucie of lovelucie1.wordpress.com) and hopefully the fabric I’ve chosen will be good for layering up now and equally perfect for bare legs next Spring. The second I just couldn’t resist is a kind of woodland print on cream cord: it’s beautiful, I’m tempted just to frame it! This is for my equally beautiful daughter 🙂 I’m thinking of a pinafore-style dress, but will have to research a suitable pattern. I’ve never sewn with cord before, so any tips welcome on this… And finally, the most expensive of the bunch (a little eye-watering if I’m honest), was a wool (mix?) in a modern, flower print on a charcoal background. I’m thinking of a skirt for this (it’s been a while Beth, before you tell me off 😉 ), maybe a Colette Bristol? (Seriously loving Teri’s version at fasewla.wordpress.com).

I also got roped into dangerously agreeing to a Liberty card: again, a beauty in itself. Despite my protestations that I hardly ever got chance to visit London, the assistant assured me that I could use it online just as easily. This may not end well…


Using the word ‘survive’ to describe my RTW fast is a little extreme though. I’ve actually found the first month surprisingly easy. Being incredibly busy at work helps, as did my son’s birthday earlier in the month and all the organisation of presents and parties that that entails. We’ve also been busy redecorating the entire house (it seriously needed it after years of young children, buggies and general, family bustle passing through it every day). I’m using the royal ‘we‘ here, we’ve paid a team of decorators to do all the hard work for us, so our bank balances are feeling seriously depleted. As a result of which, even small purchases are causing me to consider carefully, while we financially recover… But, I’m a little in love with our new kitchen ‘hares’ as seen in the images above, so all worth it 🙂


40 thoughts on “Look who’s finally been to Liberty’s…

  1. I love to go to Liberty – like you I only get to London infrequently but it’s such a lovely place just to wander round. Clothhouse nearby on Berwick St also has very lovely fabric – a cut above my usual trips to Abakhan!

  2. A treat indeed, I loved going to Liberty. I didn’t know they did such a variety of fabric, I mustn’t have got past the lawns. Yours look and sound lovely, look forward to seeing what you make.

  3. I agree, just wondering around the store is such a huge treat. I love your fabric chooses. I know everyone raves about the lawn and agree it is beautiful but there is only so much you can do with it. The cord, the knit and the wool will provide you with so many options.
    If I made the Myrtle again I would use a thinner elastic around the waist.;)

  4. Love the kitchen wallpaper. I’m off to liberty on Saturday with my daughter and her Spanish exchange student (oh! and maybe some sight seeing I suppose!!!) After seeing your post I’m now beside myself with excitement.

  5. This post makes me so jealous! Can you believe I lived in London for 12 years and never visited the place?! That was in my pre-sewing days mind. I’m hoping to visit next year and I’m going in! Intimidating doormen be dammed!

  6. A trip to Liberty is a real treat in itself, never mind all the goodies within. I just love wandering around enjoying the architecture as much as anything, but the fabric floor is amazing. I,too, have the card but have resisted using it online….yet:)

  7. I’m so annoyed that I’ve been to London twice and never gone to Liberty. Your fabrics are lovely–love the trippy wool! That looks like a lightweight corduroy, so should be easy to sew. Just remember to use the “with nap” layout when you cut it; it will be very noticeable if you don’t. And be sure to clean out your machine after you finish the project, as it will be full of fuzz.

  8. Sigh….no Liberty here…….probably just as well. Waiting to see the damages when you do open the website. 😉 Have been looking at wallpapers, fabrics, even upholstery with those hares. Love them!

    • Thank you, it’s a Jane Churchill design, hoping to purchase a small bit of matching fabric to make a notice board up. Yes, resisting the lure of the Liberty website so far, might have to work through these fabrics first before I allow myself a ‘browse’…

  9. Wow that sure is a treat! I think it’s been ages since you made a skirt so you’re quite forgiven if you make one now! Cord is lovely to sew, just make sure you think about the nap of course! And I love your kitchen hares. I’d never have thought of putting them in the kitchen!

    • Glad to be let off 😉 They are lovely to sew and it is a new pattern… Yes, clearly won’t be treating myself quite like this every month! I originally wanted garden birds for the kitchen, but could only find daftly expensive stuff – really don’t who is prepared to pay almost £200 a roll! Never knew wallpaper could be so expensive! We’re very happy with our March hares, especially my daughter, who loves all things rabbit-related 🙂

  10. You lucky lady! I think I’d have to apply for a job in I ever get a chance to visit as I wouldn’t want to leave! I hope you didn’t get a repetitive strain injury from stroking all the fabric?! 😀

  11. Those fabrics look lovely! I only pretty recently learned that there were so many other kinds of Liberty fabrics besides the Tana lawn. I was eyeing the corduroy recently but held off for the moment since I didn’t have an immediate need. Now I’m thinking maybe a corduroy Archer button up would be amazing… I got so much wear out of my Bristol skirt this summer, despite still thinking that the kangaroo pocket is a bit of a strange feature. It’s got such a nice shape and I really love the length of it. If only I had some lovely Liberty wool to make a winter version!

    • There was almost too much choice! Your Bristol skirt was beautiful, but will consider whether I need the additional pocket or not once I’ve downloaded and cut out the pattern, next on my list! 🙂

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