The Magic Porridge Pot of Fabrics…

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Anybody else ever find themselves with a couple of pieces of fabric that seem to just go on for ever? Try as I might I don’t seem to be able to get rid of these two knits: one in a bright red and one in a bright pink. I think I originally bought the bright pink for a Coco, but decided against it as soon as I got the fabric home, as it was much brighter than I’d anticipated. I did use it for contrast on my second Coco instead though, so got some use out of it. I also attempted to make a cowl-necked top out of it, but that ended up in the charity bag as it came out far too big. Nothing ventured… And yet I still have vast amounts of it left! The red, I got for my Monetta, but somehow I bought almost twice as much of it as I needed…

Last weekend when I was hunting around for a project I decided that it was time to use up these two long-term, lingerers. Or at least I tried, you can get what’s coming later can’t you?

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My daughter seemed the obvious recipient for these bright shades. Children always look so lovely in colour don’t they? πŸ™‚ I’m also making the most of it before all she wants to wear is black for her teenage years… It was high time that I attempted some leggings for her too, so a plan was hatched. I used one of the Oliver + S patterns that I bought at Tatton Flower Show over the Summer. To be honest, they were so simple I could have just cut around an old pair, but I already had the pattern so it seemed daft not to make use of it.

They looked pretty underwhelming once I’d finished them, but my daughter loved them (bless her) and they fit her perfectly. She was really pleased with how comfortable they were. I cut a size 8, which was spot on with just enough wriggle room for all the fidgeting she does πŸ™‚

But you can guess what’s coming next can’t you? Yep, I’ve barely made a dent in them both… The magic porridge pot keeps on giving! Why does this never happen for any of the expensive fabrics I buy?

While I was rooting through my fabric drawers I also spotted enough of this other knit for (yet another) infinity scarf, which I knew I could use as a Christmas present for someone or other. So this piece at least got fully used up! My daughter kindly offered to model it for me while she was trying her leggings out. On her it wraps around twice, but I think it will only work once on an adult. Hopefully it will still be useful over a plainer jumper to keep out the chills.


Hope everyone else has been making the most of the beautiful, Autumn sun this weekend. Until next time,




25 thoughts on “The Magic Porridge Pot of Fabrics…

  1. How adorable! Sorry, but don’t often have too much leftover, nor little people to sew for. Have you thought about lined carry-alls or hats? Good luck! Scarves are always good and yours looks lovely!

    • Thank you! Can’t believe I’ve still got loads of both pieces left, arghhh!
      Totally get the time pressure. I only found time for these because I was inbetween projects and looking for a couple of quick-fixes.

  2. You’re good at using leftovers. You know in one photo one leggings leg is further down than the other. I’m glad you have more photos of them actually the same length haha! They look fab, the colour is perfect for girls leggings πŸ™‚

    • To be honest it’s not my favourite sewing task, but I try to make myself look at what’s there before I fill it up those drawers again! And it’s always satisfying to run up a couple of ‘free’ bits and pieces, especially when funds are low.
      I did think of asking W to straighten up the legs, but this is much more like her with one up and one down and why not when you’re seven? I love the fact they just don’t care! Have you made leggings for your two? They were really easy, definitely one to try if you haven’t πŸ™‚

      • Yes that’s true! πŸ™‚ I’ve only made one pair of the big bum ones in love sewing magazine, in fact little one is wearing them today! They get worn an awful lot, I really should make more. I do have a leggings pattern and traced it, that was a whole ago so probably don’t need that size anymore haha! Thanks for motivating me…!

  3. You could make a sizeable dent in it with a lightweight onesie for your daughter seeing as she clearly loves the colour. Homemade Christmas present maybe? Or save it for one of those annoying times when she needs a costume for school and you normally have to cut up yet another perfectly good sheet….

    • My children are possibly the only children not to enjoy wearing onesies, possibly because they’re both fairly tall? Hard to believe I know πŸ˜‰ But pjs or nightwear is a really good idea, will have to have a search through my old magazines to see if I can cobble together an outline. Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

  4. I love both the pink and the red leggings, your daughter seems really pleased with them. I found it funny how they keep giving though haha, I always manage to buy more than what I need, just in case, and I have a similar problem. I agree pjs is a good idea for using up the fabric.

  5. A girl can never have too many pairs of leggings and these look great! I know they’re not the most exciting things to sew but I bet they get the most wear!

  6. What a gorgeous daughter you have! Well done using up you leftovers. I sometimes use leftover yarn for charity knits. Is there a sewing equivalent?

    • That’s an interesting point, I’ve heard of a pillowcase dress charity for African girls, but not any others. I guess sewing for charities closer to home, such as school fairs, etc is an answer closer to home πŸ™‚

  7. Love the mini you pose with hands on waist! Cute leggings. Maybe give your daughter the fabric to make something with. I do that with fabric I no longer care for – except its my 5yr old son who is mad about sewing.

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