The Accidental Agnes


I should have known when my overlocker actually made me cry earlier in the day (boy do we have a tempestuous relationship) that this seemingly simple project wasn’t going to go to plan…

The pattern in question was Tilly’s recent Agnes design, which is both pretty and practical in equal measures πŸ™‚ I had high hopes for this pattern (and actually still do, despite this setback). I was torn between the ruched shoulder version and the ruched neckline version. I opted for the ruched neckline, thinking it would be easier to layer up as the weather gets colder. My measurements fell between the size 2 and the size 3, but I really didn’t want this to strain over the bust area given the design, so opted for the larger size and I’m really glad that I did as it came up a little smaller than expected (using a knit with slightly more stretch would probably fix this though).

The fabric came from my recent Guthrie and Ghani order and was the only choice I was slightly disappointed with. The quality is just as pleasingly soft as my other choices (a kind of lightly brushed jersey), but the colour was a lot deeper cream than I’d imagined. I guess this is the obvious pitfall of buying on line and not being able to see the ‘real’ colour in person. While I love a pale ivory, this darker (slightly dirtier?) shade does nothing for my colouring as you can probably see from the photos. I look totally washed out, despite having reasonably tanned skin from the Summer.

image image

Tilly’s instructions were clear and plentiful as usual. The first few steps were plain sailing, once my overlocker and I had made up! I switched to my regular machine to top stitch the seam allowance of the neckband to the bodice and totally messed up by selecting the wrong stitch. I’ve completed similar steps before, so really not sure how I got it so wrong, but I did and with such style! And of course, despite having tested it out first (which seemed fine) I didn’t notice just how wrong until I’d completed the entire front section, grrr… And unpicking top stitching on a seam that’s already been overlocked is no easy task. Suffice to say that I was left with a bit of a mess, complete with several very small, but visible holes (see top left).

So I was forced to abandon the ruched front and search around for something decorative to disguise and hopefully stem the holes. This piece of lace did the trick Β and hopefully will stop the holes getting any bigger… However it does make it look more like a pyjama top now to my eye…

So while I kind of saved it, it’s pretty far from the look I originally wanted. That said, I did kind of need some new PJs, so maybe I just need to source some plaid or striped flannel in a matching colour for a matching set? What do you think: outerwear or pj wear? Undecided, but will definitely be trying this pattern again, but next time in a fabric with a crisp, white background…

imageΒ image


40 thoughts on “The Accidental Agnes

  1. It would make a super cute PJ top. I bet it wouldn’t get much wear as outerwear but loads of wear as nightwear. Love your lace fix to hide the hole.

  2. It’s a shame that the fabric wasn’t what you had hoped it would be but maybe it was a blessing that you weren’t in love with the material before the overlocker nightmare! I think it looks cute though and the lace works well. Next time you’ll nail it and in the meantime you’ve got a cute PJ top!

    • One of those daft mistakes that drives you mad, but you’re right – it was never going to my favourite top anyway and nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. Looking forward to making up a decent one soon πŸ™‚

  3. Love your lace fix. Did the job superbly. I find ivories and creams hard to buy online too because of the whole screen issue. It works as a lovely PJ top which you will probably wear more. Loungewear gets my voteπŸ˜ƒ

    • Thanks Hila, I was glad I had some lace in to save the day. It was my first experience of buying fabric online and I’m def. with you on any shade of cream – it’ll have to be a shop job, especially if I want it to wear next to my face.

  4. I actually quite like the colour of it, but I can see how it’s a little pyjama-y! I’ve not yet made an Agnes top (nor bought the pattern) as I’m holding out until I’ve found the perfect Breton stripe with which to make it…

  5. A shame you’re not so keen on the colour but it looks like you made a great save with the lace – I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do! Sometimes I really want an overlocker but then when I read what can go wrong (and is not just you by the way, oh no) I think perhaps not!

  6. How about taking some dye into this mix?
    Personally, I like the colour, but perhaps not for you. πŸ˜‰
    Great save with the lace!
    Whatever you decide, hope you can wear it with joy! xx

  7. Oops – but at least you were able to save it with the lace. My overlocker needs a new blade as I forced something through it in a temper! I guess we all have ‘overlocker moments’:)

  8. I think the lace looks lovely – I know what you mean about getting colours/textures/fabric weights correct when buying online – its always a challenge. Matching the top with Pjs sounds like a great idea as it is already stupidly cold here – I am wondering if I can bring myself to put the heating on today and already wearing three layers…


  9. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to unpick a knit and ended up with tiny holes like that. It is so frustrating! My solutions have been much less elegant than yours– I think this is definitely outerwear.

  10. I vote for PJs/loungewear too, it will probably get more wear that way. It’s a lovely top especially with the lace, but I know what you mean about ‘dirty’ ivory, I have exactly the same problem with my colouring! I have the Agnes pattern in my pattern pile and I was actually going to make a PJ top with it as a first attempt! x

    • It’s lovely quality, but yes, the only word I can think of to describe it is a ‘dirty’ cream! A happy accident. But looking forward to making a decent version I can wear in daylight!?! Will look forwRd to seeing what you come up with πŸ™‚

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