Summer Holidays #sundaysevens, Week 6


We’ve had a very chilled, first week back after our Summer holidays, as things should be! Mr Jinks was very pleased to be back from his ‘holiday’ to the local cattery on Monday. His hair is coming out like crazy all over the house because he’s been deprived of strokes for two weeks  😦 and he’s been very vocal about demanding attention, but it’s lovely to have him back. By Tuesday, after a mammoth washing session (the ironing treat is yet to come, ugh…), I treated myself to a bunch of sunflowers to try and rid myself of the post-holiday blues.


After the excesses of holiday eating and drinking, it’s back to trying to eat healthily. On Wednesday I made this very colourful stir fry (and this was before I added the red peppers and sauce), another Deliciously Ella dish. Meanwhile the monkeys were demanding ‘something plain’, so on Thursday I rooted out our ancient toasty maker. Much though they loved them, I also remembered what a pain they are to clean afterwards…


On Friday I finished up this dress for my daughter, feeling very pleased with myself for not just starting something new. For details see here. On Saturday we travelled down South for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday celebrations. They have a beautiful garden, which we got to enjoy for a good, few hours (thankfully) before the heavens opened. As well as a lovely garden, they also have a fab collection of old board games (handy when it’s tipping it down), so Sunday morning was spent working our way through them with the kids. The one featured in the photo was my favourite this time, anyone remember it?


Hope everyone else has had equally relaxing weeks. For more information on #sundaysevens head over to Nat’s site Threads and Bobbins,



22 thoughts on “Summer Holidays #sundaysevens, Week 6

  1. Looks like a good week, even if it wasn’t a week on holiday! Fresh flowers and finishing a project will always give you a boost, and that lovely garden to play in! Hope this week is a good one, too.

  2. Sunflowers! My favourite! A lovely week you’ve had, but aren’t they flying by😕? Hope there’s plenty of sunshine at yours and my side of the Pennines before the hols are over 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  3. Sounds like another great week I know what you mean about just wanting normal healthy food after returning from holidays also my enjoyment of chinese chequers is somewhat limited as my mum was too good 😦 one day I will win!! haha!

  4. That sandwich toaster takes me back … I had one in my first year at university and pretty much ate a toasted sandwich every day for lunch for a year! Needed a good few years off them after that! Enjoy the last bit of your summer hols.

    • I hadn’t played it before, but really enjoyed it. Any game where you can safely hold a cup of tea in one hand is good for me though 🙂 The sunflowers were good value for money too, still going strong!

  5. Good to have a quietish week when you’ve been away. The stir fry looks great – a new school year health kick is definitely on my to do list too. Hope you’re making the most of the time left now 🙂

  6. Love sunflowers and pretty gardens. I found a vintage chinese checkers board game in the attic of our new place along with loads of other games. Seeing your post reminded me I should get the dust off and give them a whirl.

  7. Yep, sunflowers should help to stave off the post-holiday blues for a bit, park them right in front of the ironing board so you’ve got something nice to look at!

  8. Am snarling at your beautiful sunflowers….planted a pack of them and not a single one emerged!! Almost picked up a nice bunch at the market, think I will now that I see how cheery your little bouquet is. Board games were always fun. Played countless hours of Guess Who with my kids over the years. And Monopoly, that was a big favorite, too.

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